W.Va. plans alcohol enforcement for St. Paddy’s

CHARLESTON (AP) — West Virginia authorities plan extra police patrols and underage drinking checks ahead of St. Patrick’s Day.

Alcohol Beverage Control Administration spokesman Gig Robinson tells the Charleston Daily Mail that the stepped-up enforcement is part of a multi-agency effort to reduce drunken driving and underage drinking during the spring.

The Governor’s Highway Safety Program has provided grant funds to the ABCA for increased alcohol enforcement and compliance during peak drinking times.

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show drunken drivers were involved in two-fifths of St. Patrick’s Day traffic deaths between 2006 and 2010.

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One Response to W.Va. plans alcohol enforcement for St. Paddy’s

  1. well I hope they actually do sumtin check poins can be avoided not to hard so put the extra police patrolling on roads that would be better also to have check points and patrol.. but I still think their wil b sum bad things that might happen anyway because this happens every day… everyone drive safe if u have a idoit on ur azz when ur driving let it pass because road rage doensnt help or call the police because all these people that run 15 mph over the speed limit u kno who u are u are a bunch of idiots that think they have a fast car and can drive like a indy car driver get a life your Toyota camary and all these other lose cars like scion tc… junk!!!! Honda and acura and all the other real companies out there… lol be safe to the people that can drive and respect others.. and to all the other young punks out their this stuff will kill you… when I wa 17 I had my world turned upside down in 1 night …got a d.u.i. with a 0.006 and then I ended up totaling my acura integra a week or 2 later so… this helped me in the long run I had to take alcohol clsses to get my license back I paid probably over 3 grand because of court cost, lawyer,, alcohol classes, fines and e.t.c…

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