School board to begin search for fifth member

CHARLES TOWN – As the Jefferson County Board of Education said

farewell to Peter H. Dougherty Monday night, school officials said they aren’t sure yet just how to replace him.

Peter Dougherty

Peter Dougherty

Named by the Jefferson County Commission last week as Jefferson County’s new sheriff, Dougherty had served on the school board for a quarter century. He resigned March 5 to take the new job.

Dougherty had served as president of the five-member school board. Following his departure, school board vice president Gary M. Kable moved into Dougherty’s previous role as president.

Now Kable along with the others on the school board – newly elected Mark Osbourn, who retired last spring as C.W. Shipley Elementary principal; retired Jefferson High techer Mariland Dunn Lee and Scott Sudduth, a Middleway attorney who serves as associate vice president for federal relations for the University of Chicago – have 45 days to select a fifth person to round out the board.

It remains unclear whether the board will solicit candidates for the job or consider the runners up from the 2012 school board election. The board’s next meeting is set for March 25.

At the board’s regularly scheduled meeting Monday at the board office at 110 Mordington Ave., Dougherty had the chance to make formal goodbyes to his school board colleagues, central

office workers, community members and others.

He expressed his gratitude for the cooperation of the board members and for the support of the community and the school workers.

Dougherty, who also resigned his post with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to become sheriff following the resignation of embattled incumbent Robert “Bobby” Shirley, was then treated to cake and other refreshments prepared and served by cental office administrators.

Superintendent Susan K. Wall presented to Dougherty a gavel as a reminder of his service to the board. He also accepted snapshots taken throughout his years on the board.

Dougherty, appointed to fill in as sheriff until the next regularly scheduled election in 2014, has said he’ll run for election to the post then. He’s also served as a Jefferson County magistrate.

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