Don’t miss the bus to Jefferson County Day

The third-annual Jefferson County Day at the Capitol happens April 8.

Communication Outreach of Jefferson County sponsors Jefferson County Day at the Capitol in Charleston so all Jefferson County residents can have the opportunity to represent what they do to make this county great, meet with their own legislators and the legislators that sit on committees that vote on their behalf as well as networking with fellow county residents.

The Jefferson County Day bus leaves Charles Town at 10:30 a.m. on April 7 and returns at 9:30 p.m. April 8. Check in is at the Marriott Charleston Towne Center upon arrival and enjoy a reception/mixer that night. Next morning, free breakfast and then off to the Capitol! We will have the House and Senate sides of the beautiful West Virginia Capitol Rotunda to set up, show and share your business or organization.

All our legislators will be in session and the Capitol will be all a buzz as session is winding down!

If you have not had the chance to participate in Jefferson County Day before, you can be sure that it’s a fun learning experience. You will be part of a House Citation and a Senate Resolution representing Jefferson County together as a whole!

The cost: Your meals, plus hotel ($138.88 which includes tax and breakfast) and an admin fee of $10.

Communication Outreach of Jefferson County is an all-volunteer, nonpartisan, nondenominational outreach organization structured to help benefit and increase the communications between Jefferson County residents, local governments and West Virginia’s state government. Don’t miss the bus that brings Charleston closer to us! To RSVP, call 518-583-7897 or email CLKeyrouze@gmail.com

Cheryl Keyrouze,

Communication Outreach

of Jefferson County


O’Leary is wrong

When I subscribed to the Spirit of Jefferson, I assumed it would reflect the spirit of Jefferson. However each week I have read the dribble by Sean O’Leary with disgust, especially last weeks column.

When a columnist writes an article, they are supposed to research it, something Mr. O’Leary did not do this week, nor has he done so in any other the columns I have read.

In the latest column, titled “Gun Fever on the Kanawha,” his lack of Constitutional Law and original intent leapt out at me. In this column he attacks “nullification,” specifically regarding Second Amendment rights. In his attack on House Bill 2580, the Second Amendment Preservation Act, he correctly states that the Bill nullifies Federal Law. However then he turns around and in an offhanded manner, states that such is beyond the reach of West Virginia.

Nothing could be less true.

If Mr. O’Leary had done any research, say, read Federalist No. 31 or No. 44, he would see that he is grossly incorrect.

In fact, an even better read is the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions, written by the authors of the Constitution, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. These resolutions, written in 1798, state that it is the duty of a state to nullify federal encroachment of rights as enshrined in the Constitution.

In fact, a little more research would reveal that Article III of the United States Constitution does not give the Supreme Court the power to judge in cases between the states and the federal government, for indeed the Supreme Court of the United States is a branch of the Federal Government, and giving the court power over states would be like letting the fox have the run of the hen house.

Which is why the authors of the Constitution prevented the court from being allowed to do so.

Recent statist logic has said the Court has such power, but only because they granted themselves that power and that is not permitted in the Constitution, so is thus unconstitutional. Which is exactly why James Madison and Thomas Jefferson wrote that “nullification is the rightful remedy” when the federal government oversteps its reach.

I urge every free thinker who subscribes to your paper to actually read the original intent of the Founding Fathers and find that they embraced the new republic where individuals rights and freedoms trump collective and social rights. That is why we fought the Revolutionary War, to be a free people.

And they must support Delegates Kump, Faircloth, Folk and Householder in their attempt to restore the republic, for if our state is reduced to being a stepchild of the federal government, all your rights and liberty are at risk. Whether it be the right to vote, the right to eat what you want, the right to free speech, the right to due process, the right to own property and the right to keep and bear arms.

For all are under attack by our central government right now, a government that insists it has the right to detain you without due process, spy on you without warrant and regulate what you can buy, and force you to purchase products they choose.

Even the British were not as tyrannical as our current federal government.

Perhaps Sean O’Leary would be better served writing for the Spirit of King George III, as his views do not express the spirit of Jefferson, but rather the tyrannical spirit of Statism.


S. Chris Anders

Falling Waters


Why hike taxes?

The U.S. Senate wants an income tax increase, in order for the Senate to do their constitutional duty by passing and implementing a federal budget.

President Obama from 2010 to 2012 enjoyed a Democrat-controlled Senate and House of Representatives. In those two years the United States did not have a budget, but in 2010 the Democrat-controlled Senate and House passed an income tax increase.

I call attention to “Pub 15 (circular E), Employers tax guide, (2011),” that my $417 a week, small pension check, my Federal income taxes were raised from $15 to $26 a week, an $11 or 58 percent tax increase. With this 58 percent federal income tax increase, my West Virginia state income tax increased an additional 5 percent.

In 2011, the people of West Virginia had a federal income tax and a West Virginia state income tax increase and still did not receive a federal budget from the Democrat controlled White House, Senate or House of Representatives.

Last year, Congress increased income taxes on the rich. Of course, West Virginia added an additional 5 percent of this increase to its state income tax. We now have had two more tax increases for a total of four income tax increases and still no budget out of the Senate.

Now, in 2012, Congress added a fifth income tax increase by increasing our Social Security and Medicare taxes. We now have had five income tax increases and still no budget out of the Senate.

Now it’s 2013, which brings the call from the Senate for a sixth federal income tax increase, with a seventh income tax increase by the state of West Virginia adding an additional 5 percent to this federal income tax increase.

I would believe that three federal income tax increases along with two West Virginia state income tax increases, with an additional federal and state income tax increase looming that enough is enough.

Also, let’s not forget that in two years, company-provided health insurance will be taxed as income. Another two federal and West Virginia income tax increases.

And still no federal budget?

To our two West Virginia United States senators and to the West Virginia state Legislature: would you folks mind terribly if my wife and I eat tonight?


Duane Borchers Sr.



Ecumenism needed

Peace and blessings during Eastertide! For Christians, what makes this season holy is the risen Christ dwelling within us. Christians celebrate the great paschal mystery believing that their life calling is to participate in the dying and rising of Christ. This is a holy season for Jews too. They believe that Yahweh called them in the past from enslavement to freedom, and continues to call them to embrace God’s great compassion in their interaction with others.

Congratulations to the newly elected Pope Francis. The stakes are high for a great spiritual renewal to occur across the world. No one spiritual leader can take on a task of caring about 6 billion people, but Pope Francis can be an instrument towards reform. He seems aware that the world has outgrown monarchial trappings, and has rejected it in his daily life.

Ecumenism, the act of living with respect for other human beings, enriches and engages us differently. Jews, Christians and Muslims have understood the importance of ecumenism and have entered into many serious interfaith dialogues. An ecumenical spirit is greater than a particular religion, culture, government, philosophy or science. Ecumenism uses all these sources of learning and breathes into them the intangible spirit of God. What is different about an ecumenical approach to life is its openness to the unknown.

I don’t know how the models for going forward as a human family will develop but ecumenism must be the burning issue of our lives! It can bring about peace and justice. Pope Francis seems to have made a decision to be a voice for the poor. That’s certainly one important step. He seems to advocate for responsible stewardship of the earth — another important step.

May I propose during this holy season for Jews and Christians, that we become intent on real ecumenism? May we search for models of reform and renewal with all other people who believe in divine existence! May our interaction bring forth a human voice unified in purpose to live together respectfully and with full recognition of our common destiny.


Virginia Lynch Graf, co-pastor,

St. Barnabas House Church

Charles Town









Miffed at Maxey


I was flabbergasted by the allegations made in a letter posted on March 22 on the Jefferson County Democratic Party website. With absolutely no proof, John Maxey made deliberately false allegations which could have been easily verifable — that the robocalls and rally which occurred Saturday were “supported and coordinated by the Tea Party wing of the local Republican Party…”

I didn’t receive the calls but I believe usually the calls have to tell you who is paying for them. I know We The People of West Virginia-Jefferson County did not, nor did we have anything to do with organizing the rally. Mr. Maxey could have tried calling any member of the local Tea Party or member of the local Republican Party to find out for himself. Or searched the West Virginia secretary of state website for financial records which clearly state where funds are coming from and what they are spent for. I asked Mr. Maxey to either present his proof or make a public retraction of his comments. We will see if that happens.

I find it disturbing that he can make such rash and unfounded allegations and expect them to be accepted without objection. The Tea Party in this county has never received any funding from any national or even state-based organization/source. For the most part, we have operated on dues, donations from private local citizens, fundraisers and one or two work projects we have undertaken. It is obvious that he does not understand the tenacity and dedication of the constitutionally minded groups springing up and even flourishing around this county and state. Unlike most Democratic operatives, candidates and political action committees which are flush with out-of-state money, We The People of West Virginia-Jefferson County truly are grassroots and truly are very diverse and are tired of being mischaracterized.

I also found it humorous that he encouraged fellow Democrats to speak out against these “extremists” when his letter was based on a completely false set of allegations and had no specific details. It would seem to me that throwing around generalizations such as “extremist” is slanderous at best and in this case with no proof to back it up the worst kind of yellow journalism. And to make matters worse he asked others to join in attacking innocent organizations, for what one can only discern are his own “extremists” purposes.


Patricia Rucker

We The People of West Virginia-

Jefferson County


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