AG amendment is petty 

Charles Town’s Democrat delegates Tiffany Lawrence and Stephen Skinner have distinguished themselves in Charleston. The two co-sponsored an amendment to West Virginia law specifically intended to thwart Republican Attorney General Patrick Morrisey’s hiring of top D.C. attorney Elbert Lin for the Solicitor General’s position to represent all state agencies in court. Mr. Lin has clerked for the United States Supreme Court and is a highly respected Washington lawyer — sufficient reason to block his hiring in the view of Lawrence and Skinner.

Their amendment would require that all lawyers hired for more than $100,000 per year be previously licensed to practice law in West Virginia. They are aware Mr. Lin is currently in the process of obtaining his West Virginia law license.

While party loyalty is one thing, pettiness and foolishness in the name of partisanship can be downright dimwitted. This action by Lawrence and Skinner serves as a reminder: “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you keep getting what you always got.” Over 80 years of one-party Democrat rule has put West Virginia at or near the bottom of the states in most categories.

Many Jefferson County voters long to move up where we belong. Too bad Democrat Delegates Lawrence and Skinner don’t feel the same way, especially since they campaigned favoring “bipartisanship.”

Brian Bellman

Charles Town

Foxes in the henhouse

What is really going on in Charleston? To be frank, as little as possible. For, as with most politicians, most are already worrying about getting re-elected in 2014, and they know if they do anything controversial the chances of re-election are slim.

So they are doing nothing of note, except the following:

The House voted to raise the pay of elected officials. Yep, the first vote out of the box was to spend more of your money. Next, the leadership of the House took on such tough issues as regulating embalming and lighting on motorcycles.

Then, in typical establishment style, facing pressure on the Second Amendment, the Speaker and his band of merrymen proceeded to ram symbolic pro-gun bills through committee. They left true pro-gun bills to die in committee, facing little pushback except for Delegate Skinner, who for some reason thinks gun are OK when the government is using them, but not the private citizens.

While the federal government is moving to strike the Bill of Rights, your state politicians refuse to do anything about it. Saying they have no power do so; I guess they have never read the Constitution or their oath of office.

There are several champions in the House of Delegates, who have introduced bills to protect your rights, from Delegate Mike Folk who has introduced the Second Amendment Preservation Act, to Delegate Eric Householder who introduced a bill to opt out of Real ID and protect your privacy, to Delegate Kump who sponsored a bill to protect you from indefinite detainment under the Federal NDAA Act, to Delegate Josh Nelson who introduced a bill to protect you and your privacy from unwarranted search by aerial drones, and finally, Delegate John Overington, who has introduced a bill to nullify Obamacare and the federal governments control of your very life and health — you do have champions fighting for you.

But all these bills are stuck in committee — run by the House leadership — and will never make it to the floor for a vote as they are hard issues and the brave leaders are afraid of protecting you rather then their jobs.

In the Senate, there are no such bills, none. And if there were such bills, the Senate leadership would stand in the way of those as well. Just ask Sen. Unger, whose recent Children’s Campaign is laughable, for it does nothing but spend more of their parents’ money, which in turn drives families deeper into poverty.

We need to stop looking at the political joke in the manner the politicians want you to. They are constantly playing the Republican vs. Democrat shell game and have for decades to keep you from seeing what is going on behind the curtain while keeping themselves in power.

Rather, it should be: who is for more government control of your life and liberty and who is not? Who is for your rights being stripped away and who wishes to preserve them? Who honors their oath of office and who does not?

S. Chris Anders

West Virginia Campaign for Liberty

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