With redesigned Page 2, we aim to better serve readers

Ever since I came to the Spirit in August of 2011, my goal has been to create for readers a thoughtful newspaper that would make staying informed more of a pleasure than a chore.

To that end, we introduced more local news coverage, an expanded Life section, revamped our editorial page and dozens of other big and small changes. We know readers appreciate these improvements because they tell us so – and because the paper’s circulation continues to rise, both on the newsstand and with home deliveries.

But we’ve also wanted to create an opening page to help readers navigate all that’s in the Spirit, and earlier this month our redesigned Page 2 finally moved out of the blueprint stage and into print.

We recreated our staff box to highlight the specific departments and tasks so that readers who need answers can more easily find the staff person they need. You’ll notice to your left, our staff box now includes listings such as “Didn’t get your paper?” and “See a mistake?” so that readers know just what to do when things have gone awry.

We also wanted to provide a more detailed index of the edition and an editor’s note such as this one with “insider” information aimed at helping readers better understand the decisions that go into each issue of the paper.

Also on this page, we will feature a previously unpublished photograph, a “this day in history” roundup that often will include a tidbit tied to West Virginia, plus a look at key events coming up in the following week.

Some elements of this page will vary from week to week. One week, we may highlight a particularly interesting quote from a story found deeper in the paper while another week, it may be necessary to devote that space to a correction or clarification about an item in the previous edition of the Spirit.

Know that our goal with Page 2 – and with every change you see in our paper – is to better serve you. By subscribing to the Spirit or purchasing it faithfully in stores, you’re providing the support we need to put out a top-quality publication focused on our local area and you have our deepest appreciation. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts on how we’re doing. Send email to editor@spiritofjefferson or mail me a letter at the Spirit of Jefferson newsroom, 114 N. Charles St., Charles Town 25414.

Robert Snyder

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