W.Va. Senate to consider state trooper pay, numbers

CHARLESTON (AP) — A bipartisan group of West Virginia senators is proposing that the state gradually hire 800 additional state troopers and increase their starting pay.

Senate President Jeffrey Kessler said Friday that West Virginia has not had a state trooper cadet training class in the last two years and that the state is losing state troopers through attrition.

He said that pay raises may be necessary to attract new state troopers, but acknowledged that any pay raise may be difficult to pass in the current political climate.

A proposed pay raise for magistrates recently spurred a contentious floor debate in the House, and the Senate finance chairman has said that he doesn’t think the magistrate pay raise will pass his committee.

The starting salary for state troopers is currently just over $41,000.

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One Response to W.Va. Senate to consider state trooper pay, numbers

  1. Sharon Deskins Sparks

    What about your Corrections officers staring salaries, $$22000.00 after nine years $28000.00.. What about them…????Think you should consider them at all….same ins..rates, gas, food, …Please get us up to other states….We have families to feed and educate…
    Sparks Family

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