No charges pressed in school lockdown incident

BRYAN CLARK Spirit Staff

SHENANDOAH JUNCTION – The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department has declined to release the names of individuals who were involved in a robbery Wednesday behind the post office at Shenandoah Junction.

The incident resulted in a lockdown at several area schools.

Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. R.S. Sell said a handgun was displayed during an incident with three people at a residence behind the post office after what he described as a transaction among them did not go as planned.

“But one person was basically robbed of money,” Sell said. “We spoke with two out of the three individuals, and the individual who was actually robbed declined to press charges.”

Sheriff’s department officers initially responded to the scene after receiving a report of an armed robbery at the post office’s parking lot, Sell said.

“That turned out to be false,” he said.

Sell said the schools were placed on lockdown as a precautionary measure.

“The schools were placed on lockdown based on the initial call until officers arrived on scene and began piecing together the stories – which, in the first case, were false stories,” he said. “Because of the proximity to the schools it was just better to alert them and to put them on modified lockdown to be aware of anybody that might either be on the grounds or trying to get into the school. Once we determined what actually happened – that there was no danger to the children or teachers or staff there at the schools – then the lockdown was lifted.”

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