No need for name-calling

Your paper had made a great turn around in the last year or two and was on the fast track to becoming a local staple of news in my home until the article about the 10 seeking to be sheriff. As a whole the article was professional until the writer called Mr. Tabb a “gadfly.” The use of that term was insulting, demeaning, belittling and showed nothing more but personal, childish junior high journalism found in rags like the Enquirer. Really, gentlemen, stick to the facts — the who, what, when, where and why. Keep the personal opinions to yourself; the public doesn’t pay to hear that.

Bo Bolyard
Harpers Ferry

Club supports bike path

We are delighted with and want to lend our strong support to the current Shepherdstown/Jefferson County Commission initiative to build a bike path along W.Va. 480 out to Morgan’s Grove Park. As most people in our community know, the Shepherdstown Community Club owns the park and operates and maintains it through a lease arrangement with the Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Commission. We want to do everything possible to ensure safe access to Morgan’s Grove Park and continue its central role in the life of our extended community here in the northern portion of the county.

Accordingly, we are happy to commit — in cooperation with JCPRC — to the opening of an appropriate entrance to the park at the corner of W.Va. 480 and Morgan’s Grove Road. This would permit users of the bike path to safely cross Rt. 480 using the stoplight and crosswalk at its terminus and enter directly into the park. This will avoid the necessity of having pedestrians and bikers travel along the shoulder of Rt. 480 to reach the main entrance. We will also install bike racks to encourage cyclists to use that mode of transportation out to the park.

For major public events at the park, we will also explore use of the local PanTran bus system to reduce parking congestion and discourage parking along either Rt. 480 or Morgan’s Grove Road. Of course some of these enhancements can be undertaken even before the bike path is completed.

Tom Huddleston
President, Shepherdstown
Community Club

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