Thanks to Spirit

Thanks so much to the Spirit for the article in the Feb. 6 paper supporting the Citizens Fire Company Pancake Day. You definitely captured the essence of the day in the article!

I really appreciate you working to get this in the paper before the fundraiser is held and your help with publicizing this event.

Daniel Fritsch

Assistant Fire Chief

Citizens Fire Company

O’Leary befuddled by federalism

I read with some amusement Sean O’Leary’s column “Morrisey’s office of ‘Fudderalism’” (February 6). In attempting to define ‘Federalism,” Mr. O’Leary seems to be befuddled himself.

Our federal government is a creation of the several sovereign states whose delegates met and crafted the Constitution.

States joining the Union after the original 13 are granted the same status as those original states. Thus, when West Virginia was admitted to the Union it was as if West Virginia was one of the original 13.

This is not, however, a transcendent microscopic process. When Mr. O’Leary attempts to use the Morgantown ban on fracking as an example of federalism opposed by conservatives, he is simply wrong. West Virginia is not a creation of Morgantown or any other local jurisdiction. All local jurisdictions in West Virginia are creatures of West Virginia in the legal and Constitutional sense. The municipal government of Morgantown does not enjoy the same rights and privileges vis-a-vis the state government of West Virginia as the latter enjoys vis-a-vis our federal (read: national) government.

This is basic civics Mr. O’Leary.


Peter Onoszko


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