Manchin’s safety pin

Not only did Sen. Joe Manchin recently sell out our Second Amendment rights, but he also came out in favor of the most constitutionally repugnant provision of the National Defense Authorization Act — the authorization of the federal government to arrest and indefinitely detain U.S. citizens without charge or trial. Manchin was also one of only 27 Senators who actually voted against Amendment 3018 to the NDAA that would prevent the detention without charge or trial of a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident. (Thankfully, Manchin was outvoted and the amendment passed 67-29.)

Can you believe that our own Sen. Manchin actually voted no on this amendment? I couldn’t get my head around this, so I wrote to Sen. Manchin to request an explanation. He responded by letter dated Jan. 15, 2013 explaining that while the “Constitution does protect law-abiding Americans from detention without trial… our law enforcement personnel must have all the tools they need to keep our citizens safe from those trying to destroy our way of life.” Sen. Manchin apparently believes that our constitutional rights should give way to government’s unfettered judgment on how to keep us “safe.”

But there is nothing in the Constitution that limits the Bill of Rights to times of peace or conditions of “safety.” And that’s because the purpose of government is to protect individual rights — not to ensure our “safety.” Public “safety,” after all, is a very broad concept that governments throughout history have used as an excuse to increase their power while trampling individual rights. The framers of our Constitution thus specifically limited powers of the U.S. government by, among other things, the Bill of Rights. Thomas Jefferson said, “[l]et no more be said about the confidence of men, but bind them down from mischief with the chains of the Constitution.” I wholeheartedly agree, and I call on you to let Sen. Manchin know that we intend to so bind him.

Gina Anders

West Virginia Campaign

for Liberty

Falling Waters




Our freedom is endangered

The time for action is now. You rights and freedoms as enshrined in both the state and federal Constitutions are in danger.

If you are tired of just yelling at the TV, and want to actually do something about it, you must attend the Convention for the Constitution, held on Feb. 23 from 10-5 p.m., at the Shepherdstown Clarion Inn, 233 Lowe Drive.

The West Virginia Campaign for Liberty, Blue Ridge Patriots of Berkeley County and We the People of Jefferson County are working together to help the citizens of Jefferson, Berkeley and Morgan counties make a difference in their lives through action-oriented political grassroots training.

The Convention will feature speakers who will illustrate how our rights and freedoms, enshrined in the state and national Constitutions, are endangered currently by state and federal Governments. Speakers will also focus on the irresponsible spending of your tax dollars, essentially stealing from the public to benefit the few elite.

The Convention is free to the public but there is limited space so to reserve a ticket please email Patricia Rucker of We the People at perucker@yahoo.com or call 304-582-6874.

Working together as one team, we will make a difference in the Panhandle. For only through action can we hold the government accountable, and force it to be, once again, of the people, by the people and for the people.

Jessica Hayes

West Virginia Campaign

for Liberty

Falling Waters





Unger will not defend Second Amendment

At the Jefferson County League of Women Voters luncheon last Saturday, I was stunned to hear that Sen. John Unger will not defend Second Amendment Rights.

A question from the audience was asked that if the federal government infringes on the inalienable rights promised in the Bill of Rights, if any of the State Legislators present would defend the rights of the citizens of West Virginia.

In typical politician style, Sen. Herb Snyder side-stepped the question, muttering something about bans on high capacity magazines being OK, as hunters don’t use them. Then, in a stunning answer, Sen. Unger, who is the majority leader in the West Virginia State Senate, said that he does not believe the state can stand up to the federal government and it’s encroachment on the rights guaranteed in the both the state and federal constitutions.

In fact, Unger said he would never support such an effort.

If our state will not stand up for the rights of our citizens, what good is it? Why do we even bother having states?

In his reply, he clearly does not believe in the Second Amendment as an unalienable right — which means it literally cannot be revoked — and his stance also speaks to his disregard of the 10th Amendment.

And this should worry not only those who wish to keep the right to keep and bear arms, but also those who wish to keep free speech, protection from unlawful searches, indefinite detainment or the right to due process.

I suggest Sen. Unger might benefit from reading the oath he swore upon being elected, and if his constituents value life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, he will be fired in 2014.


Gerald L. Hayes Jr.

Falling Waters




Deer are a big problem

We in the agriculture community are taking a terrible loss every year due to deer deprivation. The insurance underwriters and law enforcement agree that we have the highest rate of deer vehicular accidents in the country. I am attempting to get something done and I would appreciate support. The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources representatives said that the more written testimonies that can be filed the better chance we have of getting something done.

Richard A. Zigler

Charles Town

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