Let’s keep moving toward a bike path for Shepherdstown


Editor’s note: The Jefferson County Commission will hear a presentation about the proposed bike path during its meeting Thursday at 9:45 a.m. in the lower level meeting room at the Charles Town Library, 200 E. Washington St., Charles Town.

The Jefferson County Commission should support the bike/pedestrian path being proposed between Shepherdstown and Morgan’s Grove Park.

As both a citizen and a small business owner in Jefferson County, I believe the pathway will offer several benefits to community.

Here are a few: It will allow people a means to safely get from Shepherdstown to the park without having to use a car or having to walk/bike on the dangerous shoulder of W.Va. 480; it will provide people another place to exer-

cise in the county; and it will allow residents of Heatherfield, Colonial Hills, Chaplan’s Choice, and Mecklenburg Heights Developments to safely walk or bike to Shepherdstown

by taking the existing Shepherdstown bypass path and then the newly proposed path along 480.

The pathway will also offer several benefits to the economy.

Each year, there are several events and festivals that are held at Morgan’s Grove Park. Many of these events involve businesses from throughout Jefferson County and the Eastern Panhandle. These businesses use these events as an opportunity to promote themselves and sell goods.

The more people that show up, the greater the potential for exposure, promotion and sales.

This proposed bike/pedestrian path would offer means for more people to get to the Park and these festivals.

— Matt Robinson is owner of Earth Vibe Productions & Events in Charles Town.

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