Welcome back, property transfers

Don’t let it be said that we don’t listen to our readers.

For several weeks, I took calls from longtime readers eager to see the Spirit of Jefferson return to publishing property transactions in Jefferson County. Some calls were polite, a couple irate; one reader gave me a timeline within which to begin printing them again or else he would cancel his subscription.

Clearly, there was some interest here. The issues were primarily ones of space and time — isn’t everything?

As public records, property transactions are available for viewing in the county courthouse, but who has time each week to haul himself over there each week to spend the time reading them? Precisely, our dilemma.

As it worked out, a reorganization in office responsibilities freed up staff time that enabled us to begin gathering them again.

My first thought was to publish them exclusively on our website — they’ve been running there each week since late last year.

As much we in this business are being forever reminded that the bell is tolling for print, the reality is our print edition is still what keeps the doors open. It’s on it that our advertisers continue to spend their dollars, and it’s on it that our readers continue to spend their time. The one argument I’ve always made against the mad rush to digital is that print is its own delivery system. You don’t need an iPad and a service contract with a satellite provider to read the print edition. All you need is 75 cents.

And that’s what we continued to hear from some readers who read our print edition but don’t read online or don’t read our e-edition. I prefer paper too.

It’s for this reason we decided to find the space in the print edition to print the property transfers again. We’re pleased that Blackwell Property Management agreed to sponsor them and we’re happy to be able to be providing them to our readers. Look for them in our Business/Farm section each week.

Robert Snyder

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