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“Not only should all forms of violent behavior be discouraged in the home, but so should all instruments of violence, real or imitated. Guns are not playthings, and no child should ever be allowed to believe that they are. To regard a lethal weapon as a toy, even in toy form, is to train children in the belief that a gun is something with which to have fun. In a world torn by war, filled with superweapons and daily talk of armament and violence, with the hunting of animals a major sport, the gunplay of TV and the freedom, frequency and fury with which guns are almost uniformly fatally employed in that medium, aided and abetted by the movies, make the taking for granted of guns and violence on the American scene a matter od course. Add to this that our policemen, state troopers and other uniformed law enforcement officers freely display upon their persons guns in holsters and belts arrayed with bullets, and we have legal sanction placed on the free and easy acceptance of the display of arms. What this open display of arms by the police teaches is that Americans are so violent that the police must be armed in order to protect themselves and in order to restrain, capture, or shoot the lawbreakers. In response, the lawbreakers arm themselves. In addition, the very knowledge that a policeman may shoot a lawbreaker gives others the feeling that they are free to do likewise under similar conditions.”

Ashley Montagu, The American Way of Life, 1967

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