Three arrested in Rx drug sting

CHARLES TOWN — Three people, one of them a Jefferson County emergency medical technician, were charged with selling prescription drugs following a lengthy investigation by area law enforcement officers.

Justice Jones, 26, of the 7800 block of Leetown Road, was charged with two counts of delivery of a Schedule II controlled substance. Justice, who has been listed in Jefferson County Emergency Medical Services information as being affiliated with both Shepherdstown and Citizens fire departments, was also charged with two counts of conspiracy.

Also charged as part of the police investigation was Howard “Billy” Dillow, 46, of Robelei Drive in Ranson, with delivery of a controlled substance and two counts of child neglect, and Brandon Creamer.

Creamer, 32, of Ranson, was charged with one count each of delivery of a controlled substance, conspiracy and child neglect.

According to court records, Dillow and a man later identified as Creamer were charged following a sting operation with a police informant that occurred on Sept. 13, 2012, when both were seen by Ranson Police Lt. T.D. Lutman and Patrolman C. Tharp exchanging two pills for money to a police informant at Ranson Square shopping center.

During that incident, a young toddler was seen in the backseat of the car in which Dillow was a passenger, police say.

Both Dillow and Jones were also charged following two incidents an hour apart on Sept. 20, when they exchanged Oxycodone pills for money to a police informant at W. Third Ave., in Ranson, according to court records.

In a second incident involving a child, on Nov. 26, police observed Creamer outside a residence at 204 N. Reymann St., where a young child was observed unattended in the same blue Mitsubishi Lancer with Maryland license plates. According to police, police remained outside the residence for 25 minutes, during which time, no one came out to check on the child.

Creamer is being held at Eastern Regional Jail on a $300,000 bond. Jones is being held at Eastern Regional Jail on a $100,000 bond, while Dillow is being held on a $200,000 bond.

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