Marshall pick to display Muslim book collection

HUNTINGTON (AP) — Marshall has been selected to display a collection of books, films and other resources on the history and culture of Muslims.

Marshall is among 842 institutions nationwide picked to receive the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf, which is a project of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Marshall College of Liberal Arts dean David Pittenger says the collection will enable Marshall students to learn more about Islam and other critical religions.

He says the university and Cabell County Libraries plan to hold several public events to discuss the collection’s books and films.

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One Response to Marshall pick to display Muslim book collection

  1. Islam is not a peaceful religion like some think. Did you people forget who is responsible for the terrorist attacks right here on our own soil on Sep 11, 2001 that killed nearly 3000 innocent people? Islam is a religion (more like a cult) of extreme hate, terror, death, and destruction. This has been proven hundreds upon hundreds of times by all the terrorist attacks around the world. Radical Islamic terrorists have been spreading death and destruction worldwide for 14 centuries killing millions of innocent people and causing billions of dollars in damage. There are versus in the koran that promote “jihad” (holy war) and the killing of infidels (non-muslims). Doesn’t sound very peaceful to me. How anyone reach this conclusion is way beyond me.

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