The future looks bright

It is hard not to take notice of the overwhelming number of news articles dealing with the shortcomings of adolescents as opposed to their recognizable accomplishments and noteworthy successes. This negative publicity has led many in our society to adopt a discouraging and pessimistic attitude towards the character of our young people. Although there are proverbial “bad apples in every bunch,” my experience has shown me that there are many more positive, motivated, strong-minded and successful young ladies and gentleman than not. These young people deserve our attention, gratitude and recognition. Unfortunately, it seems as though we look for the derogatory as opposed to the favorable. In many instances positive news is simply overlooked as not worthy or lacking reader interest.

It is for this reasons that, with the upmost sincerity, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate for their continued support and publicity of the Jefferson High School Agriculture Education Program and FFA Chapter. Over the course of the past few years the publication has printed many articles related to the activities and successes of our organization and the student members that realize these achievements. The success of these students and many others from our community should give us peace of mind our future will be laid into the hands of some very competent and talented youngsters.

Jeremy Greene

Jefferson High School

Agriculture Instructor/

FFA Adviser

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