Line by line, and other changes

This week, the Spirit rolls out another set of changes to improve how we interact with you, our readers. You likely noticed the change as soon as you began reading one of the news stories on Page A1: larger and improved bylines that include reporters’ email addresses.

While e-mail addresses of each staff member are printed in our staff box on this page, by building them into the byline in the printed paper and making them hyperlinks on the Spirit’s website www.spiritofjefferson.com, we hope to make it more convenient for readers to get in touch with us. Plus they’re easier to read.

As part of our effort to make our website more approachable, we also have revised our Cleeng policy, making most of the content on the website free to view except for a few select articles that will continue to require registering for Cleeng. At 15 cents a story, we still think Cleeng is a good buy for readers who are only turning to the Spirit for selected articles and don’t want to pay for an individual copy or subscribe to either our print or e-edition.

If you’ve phoned our new offices, you’ve likely noticed another change. Starting this week, those who call in to the Spirit will be directed to an automated voicemail system.

With this new system, each department now has its own extension. The idea is to make it a little easier to get a hold of the person you wish to talk to. The Spirit’s phone number remains 304-725-2046.

As always, thanks for reading the Spirit.


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