‘Buckwild': Wonderful or another ding on W.Va.’s image?

CHARLES TOWN – Weeks after previews of “Buckwild” led U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin to call the new reality show set in West Virginia “a travesty,” viewers in the Mountain State and elsewhere had the chance to see for themselves the MTV spectacle.

[cleeng_content id="755233303" description="Read it now!" price="0.15" t="article"]We asked readers of the Spirit of Jefferson to share their thoughts on the series, which was filmed in Sissonville, a remote part of Kanawha County about 15 miles from Charleston. The program took over the 10 p.m. Thursday time slot occupied for six years by “Jersey Shore,” which gave insight into the hookups and bar hops of a group of tanned New Jersey 20somethings.

“Buckwild,” set in southern West Virginia, is airing at 10 p.m. Thursdays, the time slot long occupied by “Jersey Shore,” which gave insight into the hookups and bar hops of a group of tanned New Jersey 20 somethings.

“Buckwild,” set in southern West Virginia, is airing at 10 p.m. Thursdays, the time slot long occupied by “Jersey Shore,” which gave insight into the hookups and bar hops of a group of tanned New Jersey 20 somethings.

Many Spirit readers told us they would not tune into “Buckwild.” Others said they never watch the reality show genre at all. Of those who did tune in, here’s a roundup of their thoughts:

Derick Dearing: “Train wreck.”

Pat Mesich: “Gotta see what life is like on the mainland of West Virginia. Us panhandlers can take some pride in knowing this wasn’t filmed here.”

Jessica Kile: “How sad that people continue to show this part of West Virginia instead of all the wonderful things our state has to offer – no thanks to MTV for continuing ugly stereotypes.”

Kimberly Stover-Seeley: “It’s not that bad … just a bunch of good ole boys having fun.”

Wanda Kramer: “I personally find it very entertaining! Pretty funny at that, because that’s what they do here! Good ole boys havin fun, unlike ‘Jersey Shore,’ which was a trash show.”

Hope E. Thompson: “They make those of us born and raised and proud of West Virginia look stupid. I had to cut it off.”

Angela Price: “I was born and raised in West Virginia and am proud of the state. I don’t think it makes West Virginia look bad. People do these things to have fun. What’s the big deal?”

Shirley Swab Dutrow: “I never saw a dump truck swimming pool…pretty funny.”

Wanda Kramer: ”It’s nothing that doesn’t happen everyday in West Virginia. My son is a redneck, 100 percent, and I’m proud of him. I could actually see him doing these things. To each it’s own!”

Rick Garland: “I saw previews of it and it looks like a stupid, West Virginia version of ‘Jersey Shore,’ which I didn’t watch either. In my opinion, neither show has any redeeming qualities. Both are simply a waste of time.”

Ed Lazarowitz: “’Buckwild’ just seems like very young adults being really rude kids. A bit more boisterous than we were back-in-the-day, and the gals drop the ‘f-bomb’ way more than gals did in our day. I do have to admit that some of the stuff looks cool – like the dump truck pool and the Sissonville Roller Coaster. Does it show a ‘negative stereotype’ of those living in Kanawha County, West Virginia? Sure.”


Megan Hartlove: “Seen and done some of the same things myself. It’s the age. They are just a bunch of young kids having wild, stupid fun. Worth televising? Not really, because kids like them are a dime a dozen. Does it make our state look bad? No, because no matter where you live, there are kids acting just as wild and reckless. It’s no big deal. If it isn’t your type of programming, just don’t watch it.”

Sarah Moran Anders: “Seriously anyone living in the Eastern Panhandle already knows we have very little in common with Kanawha County …. feel free to embrace your inner redneck and enjoy the show.”

Bethany Sprecher: “Too funny … just a bunch of young kids having fun. Not everyone in the state of West Virginia acts like this.”

Jessica Peters: “I think it’s boring.”

Debbie Harman Grinnan: “Yep, I, too, was born and raised in West Virginia and have done many of these things as a young adult just not as reckless.”

Shaun Amos: “For whom is this sort of thing ‘entertaining’? Watching potty-mouthed children break the law and proudly treat themselves, others and property with disrespect is worse than a waste of time – it objectifies and dehumanizes – and has nothing to do with West Virginia.

“I grew up in West Virginia. Both my parents’ families have lived in Wetzel and Tyler counties for nearly 200 years. This show isn’t about West Virginia. Most West Virginians I know are hard-working, respectful, noble. This show is about ill-behaved children who lacked real parenting. Not entertaining, not worth anyone’s time.”

Nikki Turner: “I don’t like it. Everybody makes jokes about West Virginia already. This is a disgrace. It gives us a bad name.”


Kimberly Stover-Seeley: “All I want to say is I love it when people make jokes and talk about West Virginia because [then] they don’t come here. I’m from Delaware and I heard all the jokes and watched the movies, then my sister moved here and I came to visit and moved here two weeks later. I just fell in love with the views and people. Been here for 10 years now and love it. Everywhere else is way overpopulated. So I’ll keep the secret and they can have their jokes and stay away.”

Rob Althoff: “I moved to Martinsburg six years ago from Maryland. I think any show on MTV is dumb. I thought this show was funny. The way I see it is if the kids on the show don’t care how they look, why should we judge? If everyone would just stop and worry about there own life for a change. This stuff on the show probably happens in most states in the country.”

Stacey Gruber: “I don’t watch any reality shows. I can’t stand the fighting and drama. Give me good shows like in the ‘old days’ – “Andy Griffith,” “Three’s Company,” “Dukes of Hazzard.” Simple comedy!”

Kim Spangler: “They are all young adults just having some country-style fun! People act crazy in other states as well so I don’t think this makes West Virginia look bad.”

Sharon Watson: “I don’t think it was such a good idea for the Spirit of Jefferson to publicize this show by advertising the time and channel.”

Jane Blash: “I cannot support or invest my time in the probability of viewing general stupidity and debasement. Perhaps though you would be able to provide me with a list of program sponsors. I’d like to write to them and express my displeasure and let them know I will not be purchasing their products. Thanks so much for also bringing this issue to our consciousness.”[/cleeng_content]

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