To get ahead, smart workers must learn to manage their fears

Fear is an emotion that holds immense energy. Any number of situations, people or events can invoke a person’s sense of fear. And while this emotion is meant to be a protective response, the meaning and intensity it holds from person to person is different.

Everyone experiences fear. Yes, everyone. For some people this, in itself, is an eye-opening “aha” because many people perceive that they are the only ones that experience fear.  Not true. What one person is afraid of, another may not be. Also, fear is felt in different degrees.

The objective isn’t about ignoring or hiding from these feelings of fear; it’s simply about managing them when they appear. To pretend they don’t exist or get down on yourself when they show up just keeps you stuck in the low-level energy of these emotions and further away from your success.

As a professional, you are on a constant road of growth and expansion and fear will appear as you move forward … usually every time you move forward.

I get scared all the time, especially when I’m taking risks, doing new things and putting myself out there. I now understand that everyone else experiences their own version of the same basic fears. Fears like being judged, making mistakes, looking bad, failing, looking stupid, feeling rejected, disappointing others and more. It’s just part of being human.

The question isn’t whether or not you experience fear in your life (because we all do and always will for as long as we live); the more important question for you to ask and answer is how you can move through fear in an honest way so that fear doesn’t stop you from being who we really are and going for what you truly want in life.

Fear can and does stop us in life, from being ourselves, speaking our truth and going for what we really want. But when we remember with compassion that there’s nothing wrong with us for getting scared, and when we’re willing to work through our fears with vulnerability and boldness, we can literally transform them into something that catapults our growth and fulfillment in life.

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