Reader remembers Spirit of old

I read with interest in the Spirit that the newspaper office is moving from its longtime location on North George Street. I wouldn’t have known this because I haven’t lived in Charles Town for many years.

I am the youngest daughter of Max Brown who, as you probably know, was the general manager of the Spirit. I have such fond memories of the Spirit office. When I was very young, my father would allow me to stop in even though the office was a very busy place. June Boyer, who was the secretary at the time, would make up things for me to do, i.e. stapling and writing notes. When I was permitted to go into the back where the printing was being done, Bill Brill or Junior Ennis (to name a few) would be so kind as to give me some hot type with my name on it, which I still have. I was not allowed to go in the very back because there were pictures of girls back there in bikinis!

My husband, who was in the newspaper business for 35 years, and I enjoy reading the Spirit when it arrives at our home. It is good to keep up with what is happening in town. My father would be so proud of the paper today and all facets of its modernization. You and your staff are doing a wonderful job.

Good luck to you all in your new office and, hopefully, one day when I am in town I can stop by.


Betty Brown Moore

Mount Laurel, New Jersey

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