Gas prices on decline in W.Va.

CHARLESTON (AP) — The price of gas continues to go down in West Virginia, declining a dime per gallon since last week.

The Triple A’s weekly Fuel Gauge says the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is now $3.46 in West Virginia. The 10-cent decline is double the U.S. decline in pump prices, although motorists in West Virginia pay 12 cents more a gallon on average than their counterparts nationwide.

The auto club says gas prices have declined steadily as U.S. demand for gasoline continues to be low while inventories are high.

In West Virginia, prices at the pump range from a high of $3.61 in Martinsburg to a low of $3.35 in Huntington.

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3 Responses to Gas prices on decline in W.Va.

  1. The tax is 12 cents but gas is about 25 cents less in Maryland and about 40 cents in Virginia. This results in people in the Eastern Panhandle buy gas in other states thus robbing our state of tax revenue. Gas is higher in the Panhandle then the rest of the state. Perhaps the Attorney General should find out why that is.

  2. The gas prices in Charles Town WVA are higher that any other richer cuunties in the surrounding areas. Why is this? Some of the wealthiest communities withing 40 minutes of Jefferson County have prices that are up to 10% less. I do not get it!!! We all are getting ripped off with gas prices but WVa is getting it the worst.

  3. Here in the eastern panhandle you only have ROC’S, SHeetz,and 7-11 to buy gas from and you said the average priceis $3.46 good luck over in the east.pand. its $3.59.9 so who is getting ripped off we are so now you know why we go to other states

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