Frequent turnovers give way to Shepherd points

SHEPHERDSTOWN — In the first half of the Shepherd-Charleston women’s basketball game, counting the Lady Rams’ turnovers was like trying to count the stars in the Milky Way.

By halftime, Charleston had shaved 13 points off a Shepherd lead that once was at 19 points. The Golden Eagles outscored the Lady Rams, 16-2, to close the half. And, still, Shepherd could lead by six points.
In the second half, it was Charleston’s turnovers that were the main instrument in the Lady Rams outscoring the fumbling visitors by some 30 points en route to a crowd-satisfying 106-70 conference win.
As soon as the second half was off, the Shepherd lead moved forward and had grown to 69-50 as serendipitous scoring and eureka baskets off deflected passes, steals, and Charleston mistakes came along in bunches.
From the first minute, Shepherd center Gabby Flinchum scored inside against the shorter Charleston front line. The only thing that kept Flinchum from an absolute career-game was when she was removed with two fouls with just over 10 minutes left in the half.
Flinchum had eight points in the game’s first 2:33 of play.
A long, 27-8, Shepherd lead was gradually reduced to almost nothing when many of the 27 turnovers it committed gave Charleston new life and new legs.
Flinchum renewed her unerring shooting in the last half as Shepherd continually distanced itself from the turnover-prone visitors. The 6-foot-3 sophomore center would play only 19 minutes, but go 11-for-12 from the floor, score 26 points, claim 12 rebounds, and block two shots.
Charleston’s most important statistic in its 36-point loss was its 29 turnovers. Also important was its miserable 10-for-21 showing from the foul line.
Shepherd had an inordinate number of shots, going 43-for-86 from the field while outrebounding the Golden Eagles, 61-41.
Emily Daniel recorded a double-double with 15 points and 11 rebounds. She nearly reached double figures with her seven assists.
Even with Flinchum often removed, the Shepherd lead went ahead with little difficulty . . . and helped entertain the crowd when the 100-point mark was passed.
There were nine Shepherd players with at least 11 minutes of playing time in a game where turnovers were the hallmark of the entire night. A disruptive fifty-six total turnovers. And one hundred and six points for the Lady Rams.


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