Football all-conference teams revealed by Potomac Valley Conference

The Potomac Valley Conference has selected 16 players to its all-conference first-team offense and another 16 players to its all-conference first-team defense.

The backs on the offense were Justin Clinton (Martinsburg), Gary Awkard (Martinsburg), Colin Gustines (Washington), Josh Ferguson (Musselman), and Caleb Dembeck (Musselman). The receivers were Cedric Brown (Martinsburg), Geoffrey Walker (Jefferson), Darrin Zombro (Musselman), and Trevon Wesco (Musselman).

The linemen were Andru Trenary (Musselman), Scott Mock (Musselman), Tyler Winston (Martinsburg), Eugene German (Martinsburg), and Clement Powell (Martinsburg). Rynal Newman (Jefferson) was the utility player and Jordan Robinson (Martinsburg) was the punter.

The 16-player defense had linemen Tate Hash (Jefferson), Dean DeSana (Martinsburg), Allante Watts (Musselman), Dildeep Dhatt (Martinsburg), Daniel Taylor (Musselman), and Cole Grimmell (Washington).

The linebackers were Eli Gates (Hedgesville), Ben Zieger (Martinsburg), Danny Arndt (Musselman), and Tony Vazquez (Washington). The secondary had Hunter Weaver (Hedgesville), Cedric Brown (Martinsburg), Maverick Keller (Musselman), and Colin Gustines (Washington).

The kicker was Tyler DeHaven (Martinsburg) and the return specialist was Justin Clinton (Martinsburg.)

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