Droughts outweigh Patriots’

MARTINSBURG — Two droughts the size of what hit the Midwest this summer cost Washington its second loss of the boys basketball season.

A four-point first quarter in the Patriots’ holiday tournament game last Friday against Morgantown was compounded by a meager three-point third quarter.
A total of seven points in two quarters?
And, yet, the Patriots still had their chances against the equally troubled Mohigans, a team with WVU 6-foot-8 signee Nathan Adrian and enough turnovers against Washington’s pressure to be as harmful as the two massive droughts that visited in the first and third quarter.
Morgantown survived. Literally. Washington’s severe dearth of offense cost it a low-scoring 50-48 loss. Literally.
It took the Patriots nearly five minutes to scratch at all in the first quarter. And they trailed 17-4 after eight frustrating minutes.
It was Morgantown that could barely score in the second quarter. Pressure defense exerted by Washington’s quick-handed band of would-be pick pockets locked Morgantown in a scoreless closet for most of the second quarter.
Morgantown found scoring impossible for about five minutes. All of two points came from the frazzled Mohigans. And Washington had stormed through the tattered Morgantown offense to get a 24-19 lead by halftime.
Another drought found the Patriots through the length of the third quarter.
There were only three points achieved by the drought-bound Patriots.
Washington was outscored, 22-3, to fall back in disarray, 41-27.
A seven-point last period nearly evaporated all of the Morgantown success it had earlier in the half.
Washington kept causing turnovers. Turnovers again changed the game’s precarious balance. And the Patriots moved within a point of the mistake-dissolved lead.
Morgantown free throws in the last 80 seconds were just enough.
It had been a game filled with droughts, turnovers, droughts, turnovers, and enough Morgantown free throws to keep it unbeaten at 3-0 while the Patriots were left at 4-2 after falling just shy of making the monumental comeback avoid their second loss.


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