WVUH-East needs another $1 million

‘Time Saves Lives’ enters home stretch’

MARTINSBURG – Officials from West Virginia University Hospitals East said last week that they are two-thirds of the way to their goal of raising $3 million necessary to improve hospital infrastructure.

Through the “Time Saves Lives” campaign, launched in 2010 to patch a hole in its $30 million dollar-plus expansion budget, WVUH-East has so far raised a little more than $1.9 million.

Teresa McCabe, vice president of marketing and development at West Virginia Uuniversity Hospitals East, asks the public to make donations to the hospital system to help finish improvements to its patient care infrastructure.

So far, donations to the project have mostly been internal, with hospital employees giving a total of $428,000, board members $289,000 and physicians $268,000.

Now, hospital officials are hoping they can count on the general public to donate the last $1 million.

The funds will go to pay for numerous improvements at WVUH-East facilities, including Jefferson Memorial Hospital, which are the result of a significant increase in demand on hospital services.

Improvements still in need of funding include a second cardiac catheterization lab that provides vital services in cases of heart attack and an outpatient cancer treatment center that provides a more comfortable and inviting setting for those receiving chemotherapy.

The “Time Saves Lives” campaign has already partially funded a 20-bed intensive and coronary care unit, with a total project cost of $7.4 million, a 40-bed expansion of the emergency department, costing $10.4 million, and construction of a first cardiac catheterization laboratory at a cost of $11.4 million.

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