W.Va. PSC OKs Frontier reimbursements for upgrades

CHARLESTON (AP) — Frontier Communications will be reimbursed more than $29 million that it spent to improve its landline network and expand broadband access in West Virginia.

The West Virginia Public Service Commission approved the reimbursements last week.

The money will come from two escrow accounts established in 2010 as part of Frontier’s acquisition of Verizon’s markets in the state.

Frontier will receive $23.7 million in reimbursement from one escrow account for landline network improvements. The other account will provide $5.4 million in reimbursement for broadband projects.

Frontier senior vice president and general manager Dana Waldo said Thursday that the company has expanded its broadband network from 62 percent of households to more than 83 percent.

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One Response to W.Va. PSC OKs Frontier reimbursements for upgrades

  1. I hope that Frontier will actually complete the improvement upgrade they have promised to DSL service to Oakwood subdivision (and surrounding areas) in Shepherdstown. Our high speed DSL is completely unable to stream video – even a 30 second news clip stops incessantly to load. I have been coping with this lack of functionality in our internet for a very long time and repeated calls to the head of the Charles Town operation have gotten me false promises of the upgrade being done “next week” or “within the week”. I refuse to pay the internet service portion of my Frontier bill until they can actually provide me a service capable of allowing me to use the web.
    I hope this reimbursements will go to improve service. It is greatly in need. The greatest thing Frontier needs here is viable competition. Unfortunately for us consumers, we have no other option than Frontier. If/when another one becomes available, I will immediately take it.

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