‘Non traditional for a purpose’

Rock Spring Church uses music, video and technology during its Sunday services to spread God’s word.

Pastor Mike Lowery founded Rock Spring Church in 2004 with a vision to connect with those in the community who either do not know Jesus Christ or who do not attend church regularly.

And his vision includes a non traditional methodology and approach.

The former custom-home builder is in the process of finishing his seminary degree at Luther Rice Seminary in Lithonia, Ga. He believes the reason many people do not attend church regularly is that the traditional church has lost value to those people.

“What makes us different, not better, is that we are a very non traditional church. We are non traditional for a purpose,” Lowery said. “We started Rock Spring with the intent of being different from our sister churches that are traditional so that we may engage a portion of our population that are not going to go to a traditional church. Our values and core beliefs are very traditional in the inerrancy of the word of God. Our beliefs are very traditional.

Lowery said the church has one key belief — that Jesus Christ is the son of God.

“For us to have a restored relationship with our heavenly father to spend eternity in heaven, we have to place our faith in Jesus Christ,” he said.

The church’s mission is to create an environment where people can seek, serve, share and experience God. A Sunday morning service at Rock Spring is different from most church services.

“We try to reach people through different styles of music and words to speak to people,” Lowery said. “When we program our Sunday services, we have non-Christians in mind and Christians who have become detached from the church. We try to use music, video and technology to help a person who hasn’t been in church for a long time what God’s word really says. Our mission is to create an environment for people to experience God. I think that church should be entertaining.”

Lowery believes the mission of the church is to help people come back into a relationship with God. He looks to the Apostle Paul for inspiration.

“My favorite Bible reference is the Apostle Paul talking about his approach to helping people get to where God wants them, which is back into a restored relationship with him,” Lowery said. “He said, ‘I will be all things to all people. I will change my approach based on who I am talking to. To the Jew, I am a Jew. To the Greek, I am a Greek. To the irreligious, I am irreligious. I will change my approach so that I can so that I may win some.’

“I say it this way: Let’s create environments where people can choose to experience God because we can’t make anyone believe anything and we can’t make anyone choose anything, all we can do is create an environment and be all things to all people so we can tear all the defenses down and let them make a decision to be in a relationship with God.”

Rock Spring Church is located at 114 Poor Farm Road in Kearneysville. Church services are every Sunday at 9:30 and 11:15 a.m.

Lowery says that all are welcome at Rock Spring.

“People who have given up on church, do not see a value in church or see Jesus as rigid and unyielding, the message I have is this: I believe that Jesus wants us to leave a rules-based religion and enter into a relationship with him.”

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