November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

This year, approximately 160,340 Americans are expected to die from lung cancer, accounting for 28 percent of all cancer deaths. That is why there is an entire month dedicated to this disease, raising awareness and increasing research to help put an end to it.

People like to think that lung cancer is a self-inflicted disease from smoking; the truth is that radon, secondhand smoke, and air pollution all can cause lung cancer. The American Lung Association encourages everyone to help stomp out the stigma of lung cancer and create awareness around the disease.

The American Lung Association launched a new online resource at MyLungCancerSupport.org designed to guide and support those living with lung cancer and their loved ones during every stage of the disease. I encourage everyone affected by lung cancer to visit this website to learn more.


Deb Brown

President and CEO

American Lung Association

of the Mid-Atlantic


First-class work

Once again this edition (Nov. 7) of the Spirit is superb!

The investigative reporting is such a breath of fresh air and so much needed in this time of “just repeat what anyone says” reporting. I am very active politically, thought I knew much, but was taught much more in last week’s articles. Thank you!

Thanks Bryan and Marla and Maggie and Christine and Rob and Mr. O’Leary for their excellent articles and all the staff behind the scenes. All of you are really doing a great service to our community.


Debbie Royalty

Charles Town


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