Consider Marshall for delegate


During presidential election years, we tend sometimes to forget the importance of local politics. The 63rd Delegate District in West Virginia is one such situation where what happens locally could have a significant impact on residents of the Eastern Panhandle and in our state. Most of you from West Virginia realize the value of the Eastern Panhandle, with its proximity to D.C. and its distribution infrastructure that has lured companies like Macy’s to the table. Preserving this infrastructure in a responsible way so that West Virginia can continue to be competitive in attracting businesses like Macy’s will require collaborative leadership skills and a keen sense of the needs of local residents and stakeholders. I believe Donn Marshall is the right choice for such a job.

I have found Marshall to be professional, level headed, deliberate, and committed to integrity in his campaign. He has reached out to a number of voters (not just those in his district) to solicit input from our local community about what the best interests are for its members as we prepare for the future and lay the groundwork and infrastructure for appropriate and sustainable growth. He seeks first to understand before he seeks to be understood, and this is evidence of his noble character. He is already preparing in the event of his election to be well versed in the community’s needs so that he can effectively represent the area in Charleston if his district were to give him the honor of serving. That is how committed he is to you and to me and to the future of this region.

I believe Marshall is committed to leadership, rather than politics as usual, and I am confident that our community and state will greatly benefit from his leadership style in Charleston. I encourage you to review his positions on the issues at his website, marshallfordelegate.com, and to contact him with your ideas. Marshall believes the answers to our problems can be found in our local communities, and that solutions to complex problems don’t fit on bumper stickers. Putting good ideas to work in an age of hyper-partisanship and personal attacks is not an easy challenge, but Marshall’s refreshingly non-partisan and results-oriented approach is just the way to accomplish it. Marshall has received significant backing from Republicans, Democrats, and those with no party affiliation and, as this local election is one that especially needs the attention of all West Virginia stakeholders, I hope he receives your backing, as well. Thanks for your consideration.


Layne Diehl




Maxey is up for the challenge


John Maxey will do a terrific job as delegate representing the 66th district of Jefferson County in Charleston. He’s hard working, attentive to the needs of individuals, small businesses and farms. He is a man of action and is not afraid to fight the tough fights to ensure Jefferson County gets its fair share of tax revenues. He will be a strong advocate for our county’s needs. The Eastern Panhandle needs a strong voice as part of the team we send to Charleston. With Democrats in the majority there, Maxey will be in a good position to make our concerns heard. I can think of no better person to send to Charleston to represent us. We are fortunate indeed to have a person of his caliber and integrity willing to serve our county. Please vote for Maxey for delegate, 66th district.


Clissy Funkhouser

Charles Town



Lack of respect at political forum


After attending the NAACP Forum at the Clarion Hotel in Jefferson County, I was appalled at the behavior of Stephen Skinner, delegate for the 67th district. The forum hosted state delegate candidates and state senate candidates and the only African-American was Jill Upson, delegate candidate for the 65th district, who happens to be a Republican.

It is my belief that all candidates running for office should behave respectfully towards each other, even if they don’t agree. But Skinner repeatedly attacked Upson’s stance and statements, even though he is not running against her. As a woman in the audience, I was offended at his ungentlemanly behavior. And as a minority myself, I felt it was unseemly for Skinner to bully her in such a manner. It was unfortunate that the NAACP moderator didn’t seem to have a problem with this.

Considering the aggression shown her and how rudely she was treated, Upson did an exemplary job of defending herself, speaking rationally and calmly to Skinner. I must say that she showed a lot of class. I am thankful to her for running and respect her for her opinions and beliefs. Considering how hard it is to be a candidate, and especially as a minority candidate, I applaud her for her courage and steadfastness. She deserves the votes of her constituents in the 65th district.


Patricia Rucker

Harpers Ferry






Let’s agree on Morrisey


As someone with friends on both sides of the political aisle, elections stress me out. But this year, in my opinion, there is one race about which most of us in the Eastern Panhandle should be able to agree. Our neighbor Patrick Morrisey, of Harpers Ferry, is running against 20-year incumbent attorney general Darrell McGraw. I think there is much to unite local voters of all stripes behind Morrisey.

Of course, it would be great to see someone from the Eastern Panhandle elected to statewide office for the first time. But beyond geographical considerations, it has become painfully obvious that, after 20 years, it’s time for new blood in the attorney general’s office. We see this every day when we drive to our jobs across state lines, because the adverse legal climate has chased businesses out of West Virginia. We see it when the attorney general’s office uses an inordinate amount of state money on name recognition-enhancing ads during an election year. And perhaps we see it most clearly when — unlike his fellow incumbent Democrats President Obama, Governor Tomblin and Senator Manchin — McGraw shows contempt for voters by refusing to debate his opponent, citing reasons that the national news outlet Politico labeled “absurd.”

By contrast, Morrisey is communicating openly with West Virginia voters. He would strike the right balance between robust consumer protection and a job-friendly environment for our state. He would end the cronyism and use of trinkets in the attorney general’s office. He would bring the change our state government badly needs. It’s no wonder that a whopping eight out of nine West Virginia newspapers have endorsed Morrisey for attorney general. I hope eight out of nine Eastern Panhandle voters will make the same decision.


Jayme Metzgar



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