‘Country Roads’ gets push for W.Va. state song

CHARLESTON (AP) — Dreama Denver is making a push to have “Take Me Home, Country Roads” designated as one of West Virginia’s official state songs.

The widow of actor Bob Denver says the song is sung at many important state events.

At her request, Raleigh County Delegate Marty Gearhart plans to introduce a resolution during the 2013 regular session that would designate the song as one of the state’s official songs.

Dreama Denver tells the Charleston Gazette that she hopes West Virginians will contact their legislators and urge them to approve the resolution.

West Virginia has three official state songs: “West Virginia Hills,” “This Is My West Virginia” and “West Virginia, My Home Sweet Home.”

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One Response to ‘Country Roads’ gets push for W.Va. state song

  1. I did not know for the longest time that John Denver was originally writing the song about Virginia but he said it did not sound right.
    I could understand this as there is only about a eight to ten mile stretch of the Shendoah river in Jefferson County and the small part of the Blueridge is the border of Loudoun County, Va. and Jefferson County , WV. Most people do not know that Jefferson County voted to stay part of Virginia. The Feds gave it to WV. along with Berkley and Morgan counties in the fall of 1863.

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