Penn Gaming stays top employer in Jefferson Co.

CHARLES TOWN — For the second year in a row, Penn National Gaming remains the county’s top employer, beating out the the Jefferson County Board of Education, 2,140 employees to 1,265, according to a 2012 WorkForce West Virginia employment report.

Number three on the list is Shepherd University.

The county’s public school system retained its second-place slot in 2012 despite its employment numbers slipping from 1,482 employees in 2011 to tis current number, even as Penn National added 371 more employees than it had the previous year.

Shepherd’s human resources department reports 700 employees, which is a decrease from the 726 reported in 2011.

The American Public University System and Royal Vendors, Inc. were listed as fourth and fifth in the report, while Jefferson Memorial Hospital dropped from fifth to sixth-place in its employee totals, according to the report, despite increasing its work force from 279 in 2011 to 367 in 2012, according to Teresa McCabe, vice president of marketing and development with WVU Hospitals East.

Charles Town’s Walmart store dropped from fourth on the list in 2011 to seventh in 2012. The number of employees could not be ascertained.

The Department of Interior, National Park Service, added 22 employees to its staff since last year’s report for a total of 288, said Rebecca Harriett, supervisor of the historical park.

Harriett said the numbers break down to different areas, the National Design facility, the Historical Park, the Appalachian Trail office, and the Mather Training Center.

Sally Gran, chief deputy of finance for the Jefferson County Commission, said there are 207 employees on the county government’s payroll, making it number nine on the report.

Printing company Dalb is the county’s 10th largest employer with 167 employees, three less than last year.

Statewide, the top five largest private employers are Wal-Mart Stores Inc., West Virginia United Health System, Charleston Area Medical Center, Kroger, and Consolidation Coal Company.

The top 10 employers in the state had 1,818 more employees in 2012 than the top 10 in 2011.

Nearly one-half of employers on the top 100 list climbed in rank, while a little more than one-third of businesses slipped in their rankings.

The list for the state and counties for each year since 1999 can be found at or by contacting the analysis division at 304-558-2660.

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