Patriot boys dealt Sectional loss

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It’s an ill wind that blows no good.

The gusty wind that accompanied the Hedgesville at Washington boys soccer match at Marcus Stadium last Thursday night played a factor in the outcome.

Washington, the two-time defending Class AAA, Region II, Section 1 champion, was ousted from this year’s Sectional when the Eagles made the elements work for them in a 2-1 win that sent Hedgesville against once-beaten Martinsburg in the tournament finals.

With the wind and rain at their backs, the Eagles scored both goals toward the end of the first half. Washington could not score in the opening half and had problems throughout the first 40 minutes finding ways to circumvent the wind’s force.

With about 12 minutes left in the first half, Hedgesville’s Enzo Colandrea scored after taking an assist pass from Teddy Michon. The Hedgesville lead improved to two goals when Sebeay Chi landed the Eagles’ second goal.

At the beginning of the second half, Washington’s plight was lessened when Daniel Bouchoc found Josh Newhouse and Newhouse’s goal made Washington’s deficit only 2-1. The prevailing wind was at Washington’s back for the second half.

Although it could never score again, the Patriots had several late-match attempts including one free kick.

Washington’s season ended with a 12-6-1 overall record.

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2 Responses to Patriot boys dealt Sectional loss

  1. E. Benjamin Kowalski

    Playoff game vs. Hedgesville: The men’s soccer coach should have gone with senior experience, by starting the senior goalie. Starting a freshman, and inexperienced playoff goalie, was not only a questionable move, in not recognizing the senior – that had a very good record, – just check his shutouts, etc.- but underestimated Hedgesville – a team that was handily defeated twice this year by Washington.

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