Off the tee

The Sleepy Hollow Golf Ladies played Major and Daily Tournaments simultaneously on Sept. 20. Dr. Marneerat prevailed as winner of the 2012 Senior Club Championship Tournament with Peggy Sowers finishing second and providing vigorous competition. The match was determined by “sudden death” play.
The Tournament of the Day was “Throw Out The Worst Two Holes” (front or back). Dr. Marneerat won with an 18. Lynne Wiseman was second with a 20 and Debbie DeLeonardo was third with a 21. Peggy Sowers won Daily Putts with 14. The final day of the season is Sept. 27 and will be celebrated with fun, nine-hole game, party, and election of 2013 officers.
On Sept. 27, the Sleepy Hollow Ladies enjoyed their last program by playing a nine-hole “Four Clubs Only” Tournament. The winner, Peggy Glascock, had her picture taken in a whimsical golf apron. Lynne Wiseman finished second. Debbie DeLeonardo and Maggie Whitehair tied for Daily Putts. After golf, the ladies celebrated birthdays, enjoyed good food and then elected the 2013 slate of officers. Those officers are Maggie Whitehair (President), Dot Sager (Vice President/Tournament Director), Lynne Wiseman (Secretary/Treasurer), and Charlotte Gano (Tournament Advisor). Lynne Wiseman accepted the task of notifying, by email, each golfer of the time and tournament to be played every Thursday. The next social event will be the December Awards Luncheon. All past, present, and new members are invited.


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