Minnich in Florida Instructional League


FT. MYERS, Fl. — Former Shepherd University baseball player Nathan Minnich is now with the Boston team in the Florida Instructional League after signing a professional contract with the Red Sox in June of 2012 upon the completion of the Shepherd seasaon.

Minnich was drafted in the eighth round of the free agent amateur draft and was the Lowell Spinners and Red Sox team in the Gulf Coast Rookie League this past summer.

The rosters of the Instructional League teams are generally people with players from short-season, rookie-level, or recently drafted players.

The league instructors try to refone the skills of young players under the close teaching of minor league coaches and coordinators. The league has games scheduled from Sept. 21 through Oct. 9.

Rosters are determined by the Boston Red Sox front office. Those players are the most highly-regarded prospects or those being drafted and signed to bonus-money contracts. They generally have played at Lowell, the Golf Coast Rookie League, or the Dominican League in 2012.

About 45 players are present at the team complex in Fort Myers. Players are not paid a salary, but receive only room and board. Players are bound by their contract to participate if invited. An invitation generally means the Red Sox will invest the time and money to give each player individual attention. The league has a 13-game schedule and players are drilled in fundamentals and have workout on those days there is not a game schedule.

Minnich is one of 10 infielders at the Red Sox fall site.

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