Help KinderPraise help kids learn music

KinderPraise is a faith-based, music education ministry for children, starting from infancy through age 12. We seek to provide quality musical experiences for children and families through weekly, developmentally appropriate classes.

We are able to offer these classes at no cost for tuition (and minimal cost for materials) due to the commitment of our volunteer teachers and directors who generously give of their time and talents and also due to our host churches, Covenant Church in Shepherdstown and First Baptist Church in Martinsburg.

However, we still have various expenses throughout the year and a fundraiser on Oct. 26 and 27 will help fund these expenses. The fundraiser is a win-win deal for local residents and for KinderPraise: $10 gets you a coupon for a 10×13 portrait from Good Ole Days Photography, while KinderPraise gets to keep the entire $10 fee for our program.

Sitting appointments will be held at Covenant Church in Shepherdstown. The photographer will offer three background choices, and special props and clothing for children will be provided to give the portraits a special touch. Portraits will be ready for pick-up in mid November – just in time to give as Christmas gifts!

Additional portraits and poses will be taken and available for purchase, but there is no obligation beyond the $10 coupon. Anyone is welcome to buy a coupon, but they must be purchased by Oct. 18.  To buy one or to get more details, contact me at 304-263-9083 or email pamlehr@frontier.com. You may also find more information about KinderPraise at kinderpraise.com.


Pam Lehr

KinderPraise executive director


Maxey will get it done

In the past 6 1/2 years, we have worked with John Maxey on a couple dozen projects — from editing water rate appeals on the Blue Ridge, to speaking out at public meetings concerning rezoning, to tearing up carpet at our local Mountain Community Center. One character trait we have seen time and again in John is a confidence in his ability to get done what he sets his mind on to do.

Thirty years as a successful businessman has confirmed in Maxey the experience and imperative that when a contractor needs to be called, a vendor needs to be cajoled, a politician needs to be convinced, and a customer needs to be heard, you do it when it is needed. To make change you must start, and Maxey is a self-starter, jumping in to do what needs to be done.

Through his interactions with a great diversity of organizations, agencies, businesses, and associations in Jefferson County, he has shown another character trait which will serve him well as our delegate. He genuinely likes meeting and helping people. His hand is outstretched, his smile is ready, and he’s always pleased to meet you, even when you and he may disagree.

Since moving back to his home state of West Virginia, Maxey and his wife Theresa have made substantial use of their own money to pay for appeals, fees, travel, and materials to undertake community projects. They have done this to make sure that these projects, that they and so many others have invested huge amounts of time, effort and resources in to nurture and preserve our community, did not die in the hard thin soil of poverty, neglect, and recession. With Maxey’s leadership, much has been done to enrich and protect the quality of life here in Jefferson County.

To sum it all up — 66th District Delegate John Maxey will get it done for all of us in Charleston.

Please vote on Nov. 6.


Mike and Sandy Donahue

Harpers Ferry



The state Supreme Court needs honesty

The up and coming Supreme Court election is approaching rather quickly. One candidate that is important to remember is Allen Loughry. This is a family man wanting to better the state of West Virginia. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and put his name out there in order to make positive changes. He has written and published a book called “Don’t Buy Another Vote, I Won’t Pay For a Landslide,” which points out the corruption and corruptors in West Virginia’s political system. Loughry has his thoughts in line. He is a supporter of West Virginia coal programs and his campaign was recently endorsed by the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce and the West Virginia Coal Association. Loughry has been a West Virginian lawyer for the West Virginia Supreme Court for nine years, so he knows the “ins and outs” so to speak. Loughry would be a great positive addition to the West Virginia Supreme Court because he is against corruption and supports the heart of West Virginia. The West Virginia Supreme Court needs someone with a little backbone, heart, and passion and Loughry fulfills that criteria.


Kassie Jordan

University of Charleston



Tomblin represents positive leadership

For 20 years I have served in the legislature, 18 of them when Earl Ray Tomblin was President of the Senate and the last two while he has been governor. I know from close observation that he is an outstanding public official.

When I first took my seat on the House of Delegates Finance Committee 20 years ago, West Virginia was in desperate financial straits. We had huge unfunded liabilities in our pension and workers’ compensation funds, we had no “rainy day” fund and medical providers refused to honor the public employees’ health care plan.

We have since stabilized the health care, pension and workers’ compensation programs. We created a rainy day fund which is now one of the half-dozen strongest of the 50 states. And this year we became the first state to stabilize “other post-employment benefits” (OPEB). We’re recognized as one of the three or four most fiscally responsible states in the union. Through all this Tomblin led the way.

Gov. Tomblin did a marvelous job helping to bring Macy’s, along with its almost 2,000 jobs, to the Eastern Panhandle. A Macy’s executive I’ve known for many years told me so. And he responded quickly and positively to the effort led by Sen. Herb Snyder to allocate almost $200 million to get our Eastern Panhandle sewer systems up to Chesapeake Bay standards. Gov. Tomblin knows and appreciates the Eastern Panhandle.

Finally, Gov. Tomblin understands that West Virginia must improve K-12 and higher education in order to compete with the rest of the world in the 21st century. I urge all to vote for Earl Ray Tomblin for re-election as governor.


John Doyle

West Virginia House of Delegates


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