Maxey is concerned about working people


This November, those of us who live in the newly created 66th District in Jefferson County have an opportunity to address the specific needs of our county. We live in an area that has long been underserved. Our roads need work, our emergency services are lacking and our schools need help. All of these things are problems that won’t go away on their own. Now is our opportunity to voice these concerns by voting in an effective delegate to represent our district.

As registered Independents, we are not married to either of the political parties in this county. We believe that it is our job to elect candidates who are honest, fair and will make a difference. After hearing and reading about both Mr. Maxey and Mr. Espinosa’s platforms, we believe that both of these candidates are hardworking, good men who are interested in helping this district.

However, it is a fact that we live in a state where the Democrats are the majority of both the House of Delegates and the West Virginia Senate. It has been this way for many years, and is not likely to change in the near future. Whether you love or hate the Democratic Party, it is also a fact that a delegate who serves in the majority party is much more likely to be able to introduce legislation and bring home much needed funds to our district. Our needs as a community transcend our individual party preferences, and people should consider this when they vote this November.

Additionally, after hearing each of these candidates speak, it is evident that John Maxey is the man who knows the most about the unique needs and legislation for our area. As the son of three generations of West Virginia coal miners and an active voice in our political system, Maxey understands the concerns of working people in the 66th District. He has distinct, real, practical plans that can help attract businesses, fix the roads and help our schools so that we can together make our community a better place to live.

For these reasons, we hope that first of all, you vote. Next, we hope that you’ll consider voting for John Maxey.


Carl and Alicia Drumgoole

Harpers Ferry





Maxey has vision


The newly created 66th District for Jefferson County offers the residents of Jefferson County a unique opportunity to elect a longstanding West Virginia citizen to fill this position, John Maxey.

I have had the honor of knowing Maxey as a friend, neighbor, and fellow board member of the Blue Ridge Watershed Coalition. As a fellow BRWC member I have come to know and respect John’s dedication and knowledge of issues that concern residents of the 66th District. His knowledge of applicable federal, state and local laws has been invaluable to the BRWC. However, his knowledge of the people of this area and their needs is what sets him apart. He knows about the problems uncontrolled runoff creates for residents including the constant and costly repairs to local roads and driveways, homes, and degradation of our most valuable shared resource, the Shennandoah River.

Maxey’s idea, a hope that the voices of Jefferson County Blue Ridge residents would be heard and their watershed issues would be addressed has become a reality. His knowledge of Jefferson County has been instrumental in the BRWC’s completion of a water control project at the Saint Andrews Mountain Community Center that is designed to stop a dangerous flow of water across the intersection of Route 9 and Mission Road.

Without his initial vision, enthusiasm, and dedication to see that vision to reality, the execution and completion of this project would have been much more difficult. His unique ability to draw diverse partners together for this project, including the Department of Highways, river guides, surveyors, engineers, farmers, and the average Joe, made this project feasible. His vision is now a reality and demonstrates to constituents that water issues can indeed be addressed locally, economically, and cooperatively.

I am confident that Maxey will bring a similar vision to Charleston. He has the foresight and the means to connect with his constituents and to connect them with each other to build a future together. If elected, Maxey will be the delegate who works for his community and who serves with vision and integrity.


Katherine Austin

Harpers Ferry








Think local for ‘Coolest Small Town’ vote


Calling all voters. You don’t need a voter registration card for this election. Shepherdstown has been nominated for Budget Travel’s “Coolest Small Town 2013” campaign. We are asking our community to help us out by placing one vote daily, in each 24-hour period until the deadline next week.

While Shepherdstown is a pretty cool town, we believe that all of Jefferson County and its towns are pretty cool. We are hoping that with our win, we’ll get more visitors to come not only to Shepherdstown, but also to visit the entire region. In order to vote, please visit this website: budgettravel.com/contest/coolest-small-towns-2012-nominations,13/

Budget Travel explains: What makes the Coolest Small Town? “The town must have a population under 10,000. It also needs that indescribable something: independent shops, a sense of energy, an epic backyard, culture, delicious coffee. In other words, cool doesn’t necessarily mean quaint: We want towns with an edge and a heart.”

And this is how the winners are determined: “We’ll be reviewing all the nominations, along with any other gems we discover on our own, to narrow the list to 10 finalists — we’ll use your votes as a guide, but also look for diversity in geography, attractions, architecture, and more. We’ll post those in January and ask you to vote on the winner.”

When you turn on your computer each day, vote for us. The deadline is Oct. 15. Thanks for supporting our communities.


Cheryl Keyrouze

Shepherdstown Visitors Center



Shirley needs another term


I am writing this letter to let people of Jefferson County know what a good sheriff we have in Bobby Shirley. My husband and I saw Sheriff Shirley and asked him if he could take care of a problem we had in our development and he said he would. The problem was taken care of the very next day. That’s the kind of sheriff we want for the people of Jefferson County. Thanks again, Mr. Shirley, you definitely have our vote.


Bill and Sandy Coughlin

Charles Town


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