Loughry doesn’t stand with status quo

I felt compelled to write to express how excited I am that West Virginians have an opportunity to affect real and lasting change in our State with the upcoming Supreme Court election. Candidate Allen Loughry provides West Virginians with that opportunity. As anyone who has met him or heard him speak can confirm, Loughry is a humble, down-to-earth and hard-working family man with a love of this state and has a heart for service. We have the rare opportunity to place on our Supreme Court an individual who is not only an incredibly well-credentialed attorney with four law degrees, but whose intellect is matched by his obvious passion for fairness and equity in our courts.
I, for one, am tired of our courts on both a local and state level being monopolized by politicians and millionaires. If our elected executive and legislative officials are supposed to represent their constituency and reflect their values and ideals, shouldn’t our judiciary do the same? Don’t West Virginians deserve a Supreme Court that is made up of jurists who attain their position through hard work, excellence in their profession and a demonstrated respect for the law? The Supreme Court should not be for sale to the highest bidder. Loughry chose to fight for his seat with qualifications and character, not purchase it with personal wealth or the wealth of political donors who hope to influence the court’s agenda. Let’s send a message in November that we’re smart enough to know when we’re being bribed and wise enough to understand that our Supreme Court demands better.

Taira Gainer


Lawrence cares about constituents

I know that I am not from your county. But I thought your readers would like to have a report about Tiffany Lawrence from someone who is in the state capitol at the West Virginia Legislature.
Over the years, I have lobbied the Legislature about consumer issues like predatory lending and landlord tenant laws, about improvements needed in divorce courts and laws, about funding for children’s issues, and so on.
I have seen Lawrence work hard, listen hard, think hard and make her own decisions based on what is best for the citizens of her district. And then she works hard and successfully to get things done at the Legislature. If there are problems with our state Legislature, it is because there are not more like her at the Legislature. She is the kind of person who will really do the best thing in the Legislature for the citizens of your county.
I urge your readers to vote in the upcoming election to send Tiffany Lawrence back to the Legislature. That would be good for the voters of your county. It would also be good for the rest of us in West Virginia.

David B. McMahon

Jefferson County hits trifecta!

Never has our county seen Mike Castle, Fred Blackmer and Dave Hammer agree on any one issue, except the failings of over a year’s work by Ms. Brockman’s staff on the county zoning ordinance. This was made clear through their testimony at a recent public hearing on proposed zoning ordinance changes.
I’m stating nothing that I haven’t already said to them directly. The trifecta testimony clearly shows a lack of understanding by staff of the direction our community needs to move towards. Current planning process changes continue to create uncertainty  for both the residences and businesses of our community.
Our county is under economic pressure from Maryland (gaming) and we have squandered the last five years of lead time in defining and evolving our future — one, I see based on agriculture, heritage, technology and tourism. We have to become a more environmentally and economically sustainable community.
There needs to be accountability for the money being spent by staff and the lack of results. Now is the time for the County Commission, Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals to be proactive in guiding their staff to create a supportive environment for the residents and businesses of the county. It’s extremely important that during this current attempt at zoning and subdivision ordinance changes, that the staff spend their time working on the visions presented to them by the county bodies they work for and not pursue personal interpretations.
This direction has to include oversight and accountability to ensure that the proper product is being drafted and the wishes of the County Commission, Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals and the public are reflected in staff’s finished work product.

Peter S Corum

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