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Pee Wee division scores in the JCYFL had the Eastern Panhandle Colts defeating the Hurricanes, 39-0; the Razorbacks stopping the Bears, 41-25; and the Spartans beating the Rams, 32-12.

Scores in the Freshmen division were: Eastern Panhandle Colts 14, Raiders 0; Razorbacks 45, Bears 0; and Spartans 26, Rams 12.

The Jayvee division scores were: Raiders 39, Eastern Panhandle Colts 6; Razorbacks 40, Bears 0; and Rams 12, Spartans 0.

League playoff scores were: Pee Wee division — Razorbacks 20, South Berkeley Packers 7 and Spartans 34, Eastern Panhandle Browns 7. Freshmen division — Eastern Panhandle Browns 13, Razorbacks 7 and Spartans 14, South Berkeley Packers 0; Junior Varsity division — Razorbacks 39, Eastern Panhandle Patriots 6 and Bears 13, South Berkeley Packers 0; Varsity division — Vipers 47, Berkeley Springs Wolves 0.

This week’s playoff schedule has all its games at Charles Marcus Field in Ranson: 10 a.m. — (Freshmen) Spartans vs. Eastern Panhandle Rams; 12-noon — (Pee Wee) Razorbacks vs. Spartans; 2 p.m. (Junior Varsity) Bears vs. Razorbacks; 4 p.m. — (Varsity) Eastern Panhandle Titans vs. Vipers.

Cheerleading competition results were: (Pee Wee) Hurricanes (first), Razorbacks (second), and Bears (third); (Freshmen) Bears (first), Razorbacks (second) and Raiders (third); (Jayvee) Bears (first), Razorbacks (second), and Raiders (third); (Varsity) Vipers and Daddy O’s.

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