Financial center aid APUS growth

RANSON – Officials with American Public University say their recently opened financial center will help them to streamline and expand their financial operations as the for-profit university continues to grow.

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Joseph Sladki, retired vice president of facilities and real estate, said the total cost of the project ran to around $19 million, including a substantial investment in large solar car shelters that are expected to provide 30 to 40 percent of the facilities’ total electrical needs. Construction of the facility was fast-tracked, completing renovations to an aging warehouse in only 18 months.

American Public University System’s massive new financial center will allow the school to consolidate its billing, financial aid and other financial services into one new location, as well as provide ample space for the addition of new staff.

“(APUS) has a long-standing commitment to being a good steward of the environment,” said Sladki. “It eliminates the heat sink effect of exposed blacktop, that does nothing but absorb energy from the sun and then radiate it back.”

The new facility has the capacity to house up to 400 employees. Only about 200 employees are currently working there, however, to allow for continued growth.

“What we are doing here is consolidating our financial services organizations,” Sladki said. “They are currently spread out over six or seven different buildings. Moving them to a central location allows for both growth of those organizations and aids the flow of information.”

Students will not see much difference as a result of the construction of the center, Sladki said, but it will help to streamline their operations.

Sladki said APUS remains committed to continued growth and expansion in the local area.

“We’ve been here now for 10 years,” Sladki said. “When we started, everyone from Charles Town who worked for us would fit (in a small board room). Now we have somewhere around 500 employees in the Charles Town-Ranson area.”[/cleeng_content]

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