Connecting people in meaningful relationships

Located in Shenandoah Junction, Fellowship Bible Church lives up to its name — literally.

“Fellowship” stands for building relationships and growing a caring congregation, “Bible” stands for the distinction of the ministry and “Church” refers to the body of Christ.

Started as a Bible study at C.W. Shipley Elementary School, the ministry has grown from 25 people on Sundays to 500.

Pastor Van Marsceau has led the congregation for 16 years. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Appalachian Bible College in Beckley.

Pastor Van Marsceau has led the congregation at Fellowship Bible Church in Shenandoah Junction for 16 years.

The church supports many ministries and programs, including the annual drives for Jefferson County Community Ministries and the Martinsburg Rescue Mission.

“Another ministry that we are really excited about is called ‘Evening Bible Institute.’ It is an accredited, college Bible class that students can take. It is open to anyone 16 years or older. It usually meets on Tuesday evenings

. This fall, a class called ‘Bible study methods,’ features qualified Bible teachers and the course is accredited through Appalachian Bible College in Beckley,” Marsceau said. “This is a great opportunity that is open to the whole community.”

The church is also looking forward to the future.

“A lot is to do better with what we are doing,” Marsceau said. “Our kids Sunday School, our adult small groups, educational ministries, just to continually improve what we’re doing. Wednesday night the church hosts a kid’s club called Olympians that features Bible teaching, game time and a scripture memory time. The kids participate in a quiet time journal and devotional books so that all week long they are studying the word of God. We want to continue to feature kids ministries, we want to grow our youth ministry and we are working on a junior high ministry. Another group called Basic — brothers and sisters in Christ — is for post high school and college students, 18 to 30 year olds. Mainly, we want to do a better job of what we’re doing, communicating the word of God to people and growing families in Christ and reaching people in the gospel of Jesus Christ at an expanded level,” he said.

“We love to have guests come in and visit. If you are looking for a church that teaches God’s word, that cares about your children, that wants you to grow in Christ, that will disciple you to be a follower of Jesus Christ, we would love to have you visit Fellowship Bible Church,” Marsceau said.

Sunday services are at 8:30 and 11 a.m. Wednesday service starts at 7 p.m. For questions about Fellowship Bible Church, contact the church office at 304-728-3700 or email

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