49 years and counting

The Painter family reunion was held on July 7 at Clear Brook Park in Clear Brook, Va. This year’s reunion was a celebration of Gene and Helen Painter’s 49th wedding anniversary. Those in attendance were: Donna Ashton, Cathy Zombro, David Painter, Jennifer Sampton, Thomas Stickel Jr., Thomas Stickel Sr., Linda Stickel, Helen Shifflett, Isiaha Rickard, Shannon Puffenburger, Michael Stickel Sr., Patricia Stickel, Michael Stickel Jr. Brittany Stickel, Summer Cole, Kristen Zombro, Nick Henson, Lee Rollinson, Joan Rollinson, Gerald Jenkins, Dean Jenkins, Elizabeth Grim, Arnold Painter, Roger Painter, Joyce Painter, Allen Painter, Jeff Painter, Jessica Solis, Pete Douglas, Becky Lerendu, Leslie Lerendu, George Lerendu, Becky Dillow, Gene Painter and Helen Painter.

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