Perkins-Corliss Wedding

Pearl L. Perkins and Gregory A. Corliss were married Aug. 18, 2012, at Trinity Church in Shepherdstown with the Rev. G.T. Schramm officiating.

The bride is a retired nurse. The groom is a retired Marine and a former Jefferson County Commissioner.

Perkins’ son, Matthew Perkins, escorted the bride. Stacy Lindberg, daughter of the bride, served as maid of honor. Gregory Corliss Jr. was best man.

Hillary Lindberg shared a Bible reading during the ceremony. Others with roles in the wedding included friend Harold White and Perkins’ grandchildren, Carolyn Pohrivchak, Jennifer Noble, Emma Lindberg and David Noble, along with her great-granddaughter Brooke Pohrivchak.

Following the ceremony, the Prichard family hosted a reception at Smithfield Farm where Rusty Morgan was recognized as the couple’s matchmaker.

The couple honeymooned in Paris, Va., then spent three nights aboard the Last Hurrah, when it was berthed in Seaford, Del. The couple resides at Finally Farm.

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