New stoplight coming to U.S. 340

CHARLES TOWN – A new stoplight will soon be added to U.S. 340 near Harpers Ferry, following a decision by the County Commission.

The commission unanimously agreed to endorse a recommendation from the Hagerstown/Eastern Panhandle Metropolitan Planning Organization, or HEPMPO to install a stoplight at the intersection of U.S. 340 and Millville and Bakerton Roads.

A study completed by the Department of Transportation shows that nearly all of the side roads that intersect with U.S. 340 receive either “D” or “F” grades. An “F” indicates that a driver attempting to turn from a side road onto U.S. 340 may have to wait up to 50 seconds before being able to make a turn, explained Perry Keller, a unit leader with the Department of Transportation.

The stoplight is expected to cost $175,000 and will be paid for with state and federal funds. Keller said the light is slated to be installed in spring. The light will be a so-called “smart light” and will only stop traffic when a car is actually waiting on one of the side streets.

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