Manchin votes against his own beliefs


I had the opportunity to meet Sen. Joe Manchin for the first time. I found him likable and an excellent politician. I was quite surprised, when he was speaking here in Charles Town, at how often I was agreeing with what Sen. Manchin was saying and I am not a supporter of his. The problem I was having was trying to match what I was hearing from Sen. Manchin with his votes on those very same issues. I came prepared and I had a printed record of his votes with me. I found what Sen. Manchin was saying not only differed from his voting record but also found what he was saying sounded very similar to John Raese’s position on these same issues.

A member of our group of Raese supporters asked Manchin why he was not at the Democratic Convention and he replied that he disagreed with national Democratic Party’s positions and that he preferred being here in Charles Town speaking with us. As a senator, he has voted with his party 82 percent of the time. Another member of our group asked him why, if he believed what he was saying, he had not switched parties and his reply was that West Virginia Democrats are different and he walked away. Later, in his walking/talking tour of Charles Town, Manchin proclaimed that he is pro-life, while the National Right to Life Committee scores him at voting with them 25 percent of the time. NARAL Pro Choice America ranks him as voting with them 100 percent of the time.

As I see it, the difference between Manchin and Raese is that Manchin is a politician and will say anything to get your vote. Also, Manchin’s fortunes are not tied directly to West Virginia. Manchin could leave the state and use his contacts and experience to become a lobbyist or find some other position. On the other hand, Raese owns numerous businesses including radio stations in West Virginia. In order for a radio station to survive there must be both a listening audience and some local businesses who want to reach that listening audience. The more people there are to listen to the radio stations, and the more businesses there are to advertise on these radio stations, the better Raese does. Raese has some serious skin in the game and he will benefit the state and national economies turning around. He has the experience to help make it happen.

Tom Newcomer

Charles Town

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