Limited government is the way to freedom

I write to the Spirit in response to the editorial posted by Sean O’Leary on Aug. 29. Although I understand his knee-jerk desire to pigeonhole the Tea Party into a neatly biased box as liberals are subject to do. I prefer, as a Tea Party supporter, to define myself and while at it refute Mr. O’Leary’s errors regarding the Tea Party, the right, the left and government.

I believe in limited government. Tea Party people may be socially liberal or socially conservative, but what we have in common is a desire for liberty that we believe was the basis for the Revolution of 1776. We came together during the run up to the Obama Care vote, when we perceived a blatant attack on our liberty through higher taxes and a government mandate that requires citizens to purchase something.

O’Leary wrote in his article that socialism and communism were examples of the extreme left and that Nazism and fascism are examples of extreme right wing thought. This is simply untrue. Nazi stands for National Socialist Party. They called themselves socialists because they were socialists. Fascists like Franco, Castro and Hugo are extreme leftists. They use government to punish their enemies and reward their friends. An ideology that believes in limited government cannot reconcile itself to support limiting authority. Communism, socialism, Nazism and fascism are four examples of extreme leftist thought. The extreme of the right is not Nazism but anarchy.

I understand the necessity of government and fear its overreach as did the founders of our nation. The Bill of Rights does not give the government authority over the people but ensures the people’s authority over the government. Libertarians believe government is best, closest to the people that it serves and the tax dollars required for such government receive the biggest bang if they don’t have to be filtered through layer after layer of bureaucracy.

Consider the politics of the left and right. They have differing beliefs from where human rights come. Leftist thought assumes that those rights come from government. Libertarians believe that human rights are unalienable and come from God or nature. These are natural rights. Libertarian thought concludes that if rights were to come from a government of men, then men can take them away. If your rights are natural, no government can take them away or give them to you. It’s not complicated. It only becomes so when people try to fit these ideologies where they do not belong.


Nick Frobuck

Sharpsburg, Md.


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