Judge flags truancy as major threat to W.Va.

CHARLESTON (AP) — Children across West Virginia appear doomed to fail because their parents appear unwilling or unable to make sure they attend school.

That’s the warning from Circuit Judge Alan Moats, who has become an expert on truancy in the state.

Moats told lawmakers on Monday that half the students in his circuit covering Barbour and Taylor counties were absent at least 10 days during the 2009-2010 school year.

The judge said parents often admit they choose not to get out of bed to help see their children off to school in the morning.

He said these parents also frequently were truants or dropped out themselves. They’ve become bitter toward the school system, and that influences their children.

Moats also said truancy feeds the dropout rate, which increasingly harms the state’s economy.

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3 Responses to Judge flags truancy as major threat to W.Va.

  1. The state needs a lot of public service work done, especially around schools. This has the potential for the beginning of “welfare to work.” Lets put the parents of truant students to work around the very schools their children attend. Bottom line, free labor, shamed parents, and students back to school in order to avoid the embarrassment. Funny thing about these types of problems. They exist simply because they’re tolerated.

  2. I wish Judge Moats {the best}

  3. to have a education is to have a happy and loving life, without a education slow and doomed to fail life.

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