JCYFL scores

Recent Pee Wee Division scores in the JCYFL had the Bears defeating the BS Wolves, 20-13; the Razorbacks stopping the Rams, 26-0; the Spartans toppling the Eastern Panhandle Rams, 27-12; the South Berkeley Packers shut out the Bears, 19-0; the South Berkeley Packers trim the Hurricanes, 38-6; the Rams edge the Eastern Panhandle Patriots, 20-13; the Spartans blank the South Berkeley Bills, 33-0; and the South Berkeley Broncos outscore the Bears, 42-19.

In other Pee Wee action, the Razorbacks defeated the Hurricanes, 25-2; the Eastern Panhandle Browns stopped the Bears, 14-6; the Spartans got by the South Berkeley Broncos, 32-25; and the Rams moved past the Hurricanes, 25-12. The Eastern Panhandle 49ers clipped the Rams, 19-13; the Berkeley Springs Wolves stopped the Hurricanes, 27-6; the Razorbacks outscored the South Berkeley Broncos, 32-27; and the Spartans dropped the Eastern Panhandle Colts, 32-0.

The Freshmen Division saw the BS Wolves shut out the Bears, 31-0; the Razorbacks beat the Rams, 27-7; the Hurricanes trim the Raiders, 7-6; the Spartans post a 7-0 win over the Eastern Panhandle Rams; the South Berkeley Packers roll to a 43-0 win over the Bears; the South Berkeley Packers down the Hurricanes, 14-0; the Rams trip the Eastern Panhandle Patriots, 27-12; and the Raiders take a 39-0 decision over the Bears.

In other Freshmen action, the the Razorbacks bounced the Hurricanes, 44-12; the Eastern Panhandle Browns shut out the Bears, 40-0; the Spartans drilled the South Berkeley Broncos, 47-6; and the Hurricanes beat the Rams, 12-6, in overtime. The Rams blanked the Bears, 35-0; the Hurricanes took a shutout win over the Berkeley Springs Wolves, 20-0; the Razorbacks left the South Berkeley Broncos, 53-6; and the Spartans stopped the Eastern Panhandle Colts, 13-6.

In the Jayvee Division it was the Bears moving to a 14-0 win over the BS Wolves; the Razorbacks getting a 46-0 win over the Rams; the Raiders winning, 20-7, over the Hurricanes; the Bears taking a 20-13 decision over the South Berkeley Packers; the South Berkeley Packers beat the Hurricanes, 13-0; the Eastern Panhandle Patriots stop the Rams, 12-0; the Bears defeat the Raiders, 19-7; the Eastern Panhandle Rams edge the Spartans, 33-27; and the Spartans move past the South Berkeley Bills, 7-6.

In other Jayvee games, it was the Razorbacks tripping the Hurricanes, 45-6; the Eastern Panhandle Browns getting a 47-0 win over the Bears; the South Berkeley Broncos winning, 40-6, over the Spartans; and Rams notching a 7-6 win over the Hurricanes. The Razorbacks beat the Eastern Panhandle Titans, 49-0; The Berkeley Springs Wolves tamed the Hurricanes, 15-6; the Raiders got a 6-0 win over the Eastern Panhandle 49ers; the Razorbacks dropped the South Berkeley Broncos, 47-6; the Bears recorded a 26-20 triple overtime win over the Rams; and the Spartans claimed a 19-13 win over the Eastern Panhandle Colts.

The only two Varsity Division games saw the Vipers grab a 39-6 decision over the Eastern Panhandle Titans, and the Vipers stopping the Eastern Panhandle 49ers, 39-0.



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