Gas prices rise in W.Va.

CHARLESTON (AP) — Fuel prices are inching up to the $4-a-gallon mark in West Virginia.

The weekly Fuel Gauge report issued by the Triple A says the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in the state is now $3.90, up more than 1 penny from a week ago.

That’s higher than the national average of $3.84 and up by about 25 cents from last year.

The auto club said gas prices range from a high of $3.93 in Clarksburg to a low of $3.88 in several localities, including Morgantown.

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One Response to Gas prices rise in W.Va.

  1. I think the gas price in this state and or country are all a big pile of c**p!!! How long can we let the oil companies do this to us,we all know how much money there making each year and they still act like there going broke!! Come on…..

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