Blue Storm succeeds in the rain vs. Patriot boys

MERCERBURG, Pa. — As an all-day rain continued falling last Tuesday, Mercersburg Academy moved its soccer match against the Washington boys from the grass to an artificial turf field.

The Blue Storm fell behind when Washington’s Daniel Bouchoc scored after getting through two center backs to fire an on-target, low trajectory shot past Mercersburg Academy goalkeeper Alex Kraus.

About three minutes later, the Blue Storm’s Luca Albisetti found Chris Hackett with his pass and Hackett cut into the box and scored.

Bruno Marangoni lifted the Blue Storm into a 2-1 lead when he dribbled across the field had sent a low shot into the left post from some yards away.

Marangoni lifted a second-half shot over the head of Tim Kowalski (Washington’s goalkeeper) to give the Blue Storm a 3-1 lead. Bouchoc had controlled a corner kick to score a game-tying goal after almost 30 minutes had been played in the second half. Ahead, 3-2, Mercersburg Academy scored again just a minute later. Kenny Guerrero set up an indirect kick in the box. Albisetti touched a pass to Marangoni, who then scored his third goal of the match.

Washington was 5-3-1 with the loss to the Blue Storm

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