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I’m fast approaching the one-year mark since I began helping to steer the editorial direction of the Spirit of Jefferson. In the months that followed my coming on board and continuing as recently as the day before yesterday, readers long-time and otherwise have been gracious about taking the time to comment on the changes — those they’ve liked, those not so much.

We’d like to hear more, so this week’s paper includes a reader’s survey that offers readers, subscribers and advertisers the opportunity to tell us what you like and dislike about the Spirit, what we could do better and what we might try doing less of. Like a particular feature — Ted Kalvitis, Nancy Luse, the Food pages by Christine Miller Ford and Patt Welsh, Bob Madison’s racing yarns — or wish there was less of something else — my comics strips — please let us know. We continue to strive to make the Spirit as good as we can each week. Newspapers are best, after all, when they become the vehicle through which a community members converse among themselves.

One thing I’m most interested in hearing feedback on is our recent switch from four sections to two. I’m intrigued by the layout and design possibilities offered to us by publishing with two sections, but I’m very interested in hearing the thoughts of readers to the change. You’ll find the survey on page A4.

We hope you’ll take the time to fill it out and mail it in or drop it by the office. There’s two free tickets to this month’s Jefferson County Fair for a returned survey that we’ll enter into a random drawing.

Bring it on.

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